Headlines Hoyer: With No Record to Run on, Republicans Can Only Peddle Fear


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Democratic Whip Says Republicans' Stunningly Negative Convention Will Not Persuade Voters

WASHINGTON, Sept. 2 /PRNewswire/ -- House Democratic Whip Steny H. Hoyer (MD) released the following statement today regarding the first three days of the 2004 Republican National Convention:
"For three days, the Republican Party has done nothing but attack John Kerry and try to peddle unfounded fear. But these stunningly negative -- and totally baseless -- attacks are going to fall flat with voters.

"John Kerry, a decorated war hero who volunteered to serve in our nation's armed forces, has demonstrated that he has the courage, the fortitude and the wisdom to protect this nation and to lead it to victory over the scourge of terrorism. Republican John McCain, whom Republicans chose as one of the stars of their carefully managed show this week, has stated that John Kerry is prepared to be Commander in Chief, literally undercutting the Republican attacks this week.

"What's plainly obvious is that the Republican Party must attack John Kerry because it has no record to run on. The Bush Administration has the worst record of job creation since the Great Depression. It has turned record budget surpluses into record deficits. Its policies have caused the national debt to explode to more than $7 trillion. Five million more Americans have no health insurance today than when George W. Bush took office. The poverty rate is up, and personal income growth is down. And the Bush Administration has failed to articulate a clear plan for success in Iraq, while the President declared the war on terrorism un-winnable this week.

"What's perhaps even more disheartening than the predictable attacks on John Kerry is the Republican Party's complete failure to lay out a pro-active, positive agenda for the next four years. Ultimately, this election is about the future, not the past. Yet, the Republican Party seems not to grasp that. John Kerry, John Edwards and Congressional Democrats believe that our nation can, and must, do better; that we can and will win the war on terrorism while addressing our most pressing domestic needs."

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I think that the fear in the Democratic party is that people will start looking at JK's record... since it has yet to be truely scutinized by the media... I wish they would talk about the issues... JK's 4 months in Vietnam are less important to me then his 19 years in the senate