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Headlines Humans, cancer of earth?


Being naked just feels so a-peeling
Darklight said:
yes we are.... if its any one thing humans are good at.. its destroying stuff....

yes! and that's why you shouldnt waste your life, try to not destroy the earth so much in your lifetime. :hug2:


A Rampant Vagitarian
Indeed. Human are the cancer of earth. No doubt about it. Pollution, exctinction, global warming and all that.
And as that wouldn´t be enough we also like to destroy ourselves. Wars, imperialism, industries after industries creating pollution.
And next..?
It´s off to space to destroy a few more planets, fuck with them anyways, who needs ´em.


Dreaming to live
Humans, the cancer of the Earth?

F*ck*ng duh! Humans have made survival that much harder for every specie on the planet. But even if humans destroy all the animal and plant life on earth, there will be some microbes left somwhere. Or even if not that nature will spawn new microbes the way it did from the beginning. Also, perhaps it is the purpose of humans to f*ck this planet over so much that the surviving species will be the strongest, toughtest spawns of b*tch*s we ever saw. And then when our taint has been removed from here, a few billion years perhaps, the new life forms will flourish again, then animals will develop, etc., and the process repeats itself. All until the sun blows up and wipes everything out instantly.
.... Hey who wants nachos? :p


In Memory...
Guys, quit whining, and get back to your GreenPeace tofu-cookout. Has Darwin taught you nothing? Life is, in essence, just a long sequence of natural selection. If we tried to live in a world where nothing was hurt or we didn't do anything negative to the environment, we would still be living in grass huts. It may sound like a cancer, but if we didn't look at life as if we were the pinnacle, then we would not be anywhere near as advanced as we are now. Keep it up, and in the year 2032, our grass huts are torched to the ground, and humanity is ensalved by a vile alien race. Way to go treehugger, we are now slaves.


Dont anyone say a thing about global warming. Seeing as how we can replicate the ozone layer in laboratories, then before too long we will be able to rebuild it before it dissappears. Thanks.


Not to mention the effects of gross overpopulation from all animals, leading to the horrible deaths of unimaginable numbers of poor little critters, including humans.