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Hurricane Rita - Connection


Voorhees a jolly good fellow!
As some of you already know, the server that runs this website is located in Texas. For those curious how that will play out with the arrival of Hurricane Rita, you may wish to read the following...

As we monitor the situation in the Gulf of Mexico, we would like to remind our customers that we are exceptionally equipped to handle disaster. While the Dallas area is not expected to take a substantial hit, we are fully prepared for any weather-related issues. Our fully redundant network and power infrastructure are in place to ensure high availability offerings. Our main datacenter is state-of-the-art in both security and design and is one of the only datacenters rated to withstand an F5 grade tornado. Our facility and network engineers are on site 24/7 to monitor the impact of Hurricane Rita and will be able to address any unforeseen issues immediately. We will also have additional staff scheduled throughout this time.

Additionally, our Business Continuance Center is also poised and ready for any customers who have secured that option as part of their disaster plan. With 3,500 square feet of flexible space equipped with all the necessities to keep any business up and running, we are very proud to offer this critical service to our customers.

We are closely monitoring the situation and will keep you updated on any developments.

Steve Kinman
The Planet


Yes, in this case redundancy is a good thing. Unlike Descents posts of goatse.

It's comforting to know that my favorite dumping grounds will be sheltered from the storm. They must keep the database well underground. I mean, they said it could take a hit from an F5 Tomato. Considering an F5 can strip concrete from the ground.

*gehtfuct begins to feel all warm and toasty*


The real man's bitch
One problem, if your theory is correct, and it is under ground. What about all of the rain associated with a hurricane?


Local alcoholic
Shit,with all the google ad money you and brit collect i thought you would have hooked up your own server in ohio.:thumbsup: See all,its not hard to pick on the admins :D


Hella Constipated
BRiT said:
Next time I do that, I'll try to take out more than just a couple of states... :D

Your shitty Perry nuclear power plant already caused the big blackout of 2004, and even I lost power, in fucking Long Island New York! And there was zero looting in NYC!

Death to Ohio.