Headlines I Am Ashamed to be an American


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moe said:
were not a race, were a species. but i do agree, in our quest to become greater than everthing around us we forgot that they were the reasons that we exist and lost repect...wait... so bush is human...

you're telling me humans are not a race?

i hope you're young enough to not know the difference between race, nationality, and ethincity. i think you're confusing 'race' and 'ethnicity'

that would be about 12.

so if you're older than 12, to which you consented being by clicking the "i agree to comply with COPPA" checkbox upon signing up to become a member of these forums, i suggest you just agree that i'm right.

in conclusion, yes, humans are the only race that causes all that harm.

~ dan ~


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hmm...humans are vastly superior on the subject of harming others...however there have been increasing occounts of violence in tribes of simians. Tiger clans have also started to show harmful behavior. Granted the only difference is that humans are "smarter" so we can cause more harm faster