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Oppressing your posts...
This is related to patriotism... In the revelation of recent news as bush has admitted to lying about iraq weapons of mass destruction... I knew from the beginning that this was a lie... that we invaded iraq illegally without reason or probication. Now it is admitted. This is my direct statement.. I have never voted. I have never wished a president win. Every president who has ran has been an asshole and a dickhead. I have never voted for anyone, and never plan to vote for anyone, as we only vote for the lesser of two evils... fuck bush... fuck america... fuck any nation as they all are evil...

I am me.. not a nation... fuck you all


Lascivious Node
fuck em all !

Admitting guilt doesn't do fuck all ! Oh sorry we killed your mom , dad , aunt , uncles , wives , husbands , and grandma . I imagine that makes all the Iraqi's feel much better . Fuck Bush ! Fuck Blair ! You said it first !


A Rampant Vagitarian
People are stereotyped by foreigners mainly by the image they have on ones country. Man is a part of his environment. Not voting is the same as stating you do not care for your environment that much. Therefore you have no reason to bitch about it. Not voting is not a statement. Nobody cares if you don´t vote. They just think that you are one more a lazy and irrelevant citizen. Yes, presidental candidates often are dickheads, irritating and whatnot. But you have to see the greater agendas they are after. I do not care if the president does stupid things (eg. takes head) as long as he works for the good of the country. The main problem with presidential elections is that you often vote for a name or a face, not for values and principles.

Voting is the only way a representative democracy can ever work. Voting is the main concept it is based on. I agree that it is not the greatest solution. But hey, socialism does not work with stupid people, and dictators are seen as a no-no.

Of course the presidential candidates are not everything you expect of them. They too are humans. Your country is a great part of you. People identify greatly by their country.
If your country is not working correctly, you should do something about it. Vote for a change, revolt, whatever.


it's a motherfucker
just in theory: Shouldn't then, Mr. Bush and Mr. Blaire be arrested, imprisoned and put on trial while Mr. Hussian is released and dropped of all charges since he was detained under "false" pretenses?


Flame Bait
voting? - ha

Voting is the only way a representative democracy can ever work. Voting is the main concept it is based on. I agree that it is not the greatest solution. But hey, socialism does not work with stupid people, and dictators are seen as a no-no.
This doesn't work when the powers control the "electronic" voting machines. America is as corrupt as any other nation. It just appears that we are a democracy, but we have and will probably continue to have a dictatorship. Money rules, controls, and imprisons.

Bush should be arrested. He lies, apologizes, and will now argue (lie) that we need to go to war with Iran. Shouldn't the US President be under constant oath while in office? Shouldn't he be charged with purgery?

The problem with Americans is apathy. We place too much emphasis on sports and entertainment. Thank you - you fucking media! Wake up America, quit rolling over and letting this happen.
Why can't we all just get along? Fuck this stupid bipartisan bickering. It's like watching two third graders fight.


The hate still Shapes me
TheLampIncident said:
It's like watching two third graders fight.
Thats especially true when bush is talking,
/bush points finger
flip flopper, hahaha.


Fresh Meat
American's have a bullshit idea that they are superior to everyone else. Your country has the leader it deserve's. Did'nt you learn from the last George Bush? You have no social concience as a nation, everyone is out for themselves and all you want is cheap fuel for your 5 mile to the gallon cars. people die and suffer for your selfishness and greed. As for us Brits, I am ashamed that Blair jumped into bed with Bush. I must say however, that the middle east is fucked up, but I feel that some nations need a dictator, look what is happening in Iraq, look what happened in Yugoslavia, some people have no respect for each others cultures and just can not live together. unfortunately some conutries need a dictator.


Oppressing your posts...
germany also had much of an idea that it was superior to other nations... That it had some calling to expand its own land and unite the nations under its own force. Many in germany believed this solely on the bullshit the government was spreading in propaganda... america does the same thing... It lays out this propaganda engine telling its people that as the most powerful nation in the world it is obligated to use its military to keep the peace in the world to spread freedom and democracy to all corners of the globe... sounds familiar to some dictator in the 40s to me... unfortunately patriotism makes most americans swallow it.

Its the same kind of blind faith that started the holy wars.. but we'll keep religion out of this...

ultimately I agree. the democratic and capitolistic way of life isnt for all.. And to force it down the throats of other nations makes us as bad as nepolian, hitler, or saddam. We are "Dictating" to other nations how they should live. Was saddam bad? yes... Did saddam fuck up his country? probably... Did saddam actually do anything warranting an invasion(IE wmd development)? it seems not.. America lied about reports of wmd's.. threatened the UN for support... and illegally invaded another nation...

It reminds me of vietnam a bit... another war that wasnt even ours... oh but vietnam wasnt a war.. at least not american... we simply took it over and LOST...

And soon enough we will leave iraq and within a few months the "democratic" leaders of the nation will either turn to the old ways or be assasinated...

Heil Bush... Heil the homeland...


WTF's Official Conspiracy Fanatic
I can't fault you. I don't vote either, though it's because I realize it's pointless, not because I don't care. I like America, well I like what it COULD have been. America is as corrupt and fucked up as most nations, we just have more gulible people. Those in power have won. They elect whoever they like, make what laws they like, treat the USA and the world as their personal piggybank. All in all, it's a lost cause.

People in America are so in tune with their own personal needs they are blinded to anything outside of that little world. The enviroment, people being killed by our troops, people being killed in downtown Washington D.C. (Still the most dangerous place to live on Earth! Go USA!), none of it REALLY matters. Sure some lip service might be spoken, but it's just that.

The powers that be fear one thing, rebellion. They know if they actually go to far without fooling the people, they might have to fight. They don't want to fight in the USA (see everyone the USA has attacked in the last oh... forever) So they will blind the morons with shitstorms and lies, and the people will vote and believe they have a choice because they're stupid.
JLXC said:
People in America are so in tune with their own personal needs they are blinded to anything outside of that little world.
i second that.
majority always wins. sometimes i think it's not worth voting, even though i'm under 18, because there is no freaking point, they feed you with lies and make you even more gullible and there's only a few people who see past it. yes i agree, people think they have a choice but they don't.


I'm serious, no?
Just one POV: are people of Iraq are, or are going to be, better than under the reign of Hussein? I have never believed the official reason of the Iraqui war, but somehow, I think the war is better off in the long run for Iraqui people.


Theoretical Realist
Darklight said:
fuck america... fuck any nation as they all are evil...

I am me.. not a nation... fuck you all
You are welcome to leave anytime you want. Go find yourself a "better" nation. You got three choices 1) move 2) do something to better this country 3) bitch about it. You've done the third how about trying one of the other two?
He has no power to change anything, and because he actually wants to change things, he never will have that power.
Clinton was bad, but jesus christ he didn't do the shit this guy is doing. When I was deployed in 03' a couple of months before the war in January, with a full load of marines and tanks and such, I knew why we were deployed. To start the invasion of Iraq, and we did just that on March 23rd. Of course, what led to all of this fucked up shit?? 9/11. It's that simple. People (dumb ass politicians, and Bush's cabinet), will always use 9/11 as an excuse to justify everything. And, this war on terrorism? We will NOT WIN. Because, unlike fighting a specific enemy (country), you know where they are and what they are capable of (technology etc). But, "terror" is just that point blank and simple. It's a behavior that ANYONE is capable of. That's why the war will never end, because you are just fighting the entire planet, you never know who will do it, be it be from just a simple bombing in a car, to mass destruction (9/11, Madrid bombings, London Bombings, etc).

We do by far need a better president that's for sure, the longer Bush stays in office, the more damage he will do and the more lies he will tell, I'm so sick and tired of hearing him bull shit during his speeches, I turn him off from disgust :mad: . We did support the war for a little while, but as soon as BUSH declared an end to fighting operations in May 03' and it's STILL GOING ON we just want the Iraqis to handle their own damn security. I'm tired of reading about 19-20 year olds dying every single day, it's gets pretty disgusting :( . Then again, John Kerry would have been jacked up too, so it was a lose-lose kind of situation. I just want us to train who we need to and pull out as gradually as possible, as a sudden pullout I feel will dishonor all of those (my brothers/sisters in arms) who have paid the ultimate sacrafice. I'm extremely patriotic and I will go back to war if I am called upon by my country, but to let all of you know most of us do not support it.