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I am that we are


WTF's Official Conspiracy Fanatic
I am that we are
of this there's no doubt
the fact that I'm here
makes me want out

Reality is mine for the taking
it just requires my death
and yet I sit here faking
obviously it's not time yet

I run through my life with no blinders
yet in my dreams I soar
sometimes I miss those damn blinders
and wish for the knowledge no more

Escaping the end is hopeless
wishing for the simple truth
living sometimes quite reckless
I still hold some dreams from my youth

Making sense to only me
the joke is that it is you too
for everything that could be will be
and this is both sad and true

So I sit in this life and I'm waiting
for all of those dreams to come
sometimes it seems neverending
but one day it will have to be done