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I can't date because I'm boring.


That Guy
I'm in my mid-30's and can count the number of dates I've been on on one hand.

I used to make excuses and attribute this to a lot of different things. Such as my height (I'm closer to 7 feet than 6 feet), what I wear (typically jeans and a t-shirt, just like the rest of the world), my teeth (a little crooked but overall not terrible), and a lot of other things.

Then I realized it's because I'm boring as fuck. I detest small talk and forced conversation, yet I realize they're a necessary evil if you ever want to break the ice with somebody. My interests range from sitting here playing video games to sitting here playing with my cat. I have no friends, and my family doesn't seem to want anything to do with me anymore. I work all day, every day just so I can stay broke. And it's been this way so long, that I've forgotten how to interact with people.

Then I realized why should I invest time in a relationship if I can just pay for sex? It's cheaper in the long run, and there's no drama and no bullshit. Just pay somebody a couple bucks to jump on my dick for 5 minutes, then I never have to see them again.

This has been my life for the past couple months, and I've never been happier.
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Silly Face!
I couldn't read this post. It was too boring.

Just kidding. I'm the same way personality wise. I should really change that. Sometimes people hit on me and I turn them away because I'd rather be alone.


I don’t think either of you are boring . You interact like crazy on wtf. Maybe wtf needs to do a reunion in the carrib. For it’s single members.
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.I know how you feel.. except I don't have a games console or a cat.. which is even worse in a way

Yet there's so much about feminism and equality in the news everyday, I'm waiting for the day that I will be sought after but I won't hold my breath.


I once ate broccoli
You play guitar, it used to attract chicks. Go to the park and play some tunes, possibly not death grind gloom extreme fistfuck metal. If it ain't work, at least they'll call the cops on you (a little attention nonetheless).
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Yeah, I was about to mention that Unforgiven played the guitar. I bought a guitar over ten years ago because I thought playing guitar would make me more interesting. However, I never learned to play more than one chord and I have not even touched it for years.

I have never been on a real date. I never drink (alcohol) or smoke (anything) so people think I am boring. I never go to bars and I do not want a woman who drinks or smokes or uses drugs. People seem to often find me confrontational when I talk so I tend to keep quiet. This makes me appear boring too. I do not have much to say when it comes to things I do not find interesting, such as sports or animals, and I am not good at winging conversations. Small talk seems pointless to me. Why do people constantly complain about the weather or temperature when it all has happened before and should be expected? I am not religious. I am not on social media (unless you consider this site to be). I have only seen about half a dozen movies in the theater in the last fifteen years and I do not watch television (except free youtube videos). Although I would like to make video games, I do not even play them. I want to make things, but I have a really hard time motivating myself. I would like to do something constructive with my friends, but they are either always too busy or more boring than me.

The married swingers cannot come because they will make us single people feel jealous and helpless.


So what? Does a date automatically mean you have to spend money. Go for a walk. Go to the library. Play frisbee. Come on, use your wiles and figure it out.
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