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I can't explain

I cant explain
the way you make me feel
I cant describe
the depths of the wounds in my heart you’ve healed

But I can
Spend the rest of my life showing you
With my touch
Walking though the burning fields of hell
Just to be there as your crutch

I’ve never felt this way before
Its indescribable
You’re the only one that’s ever made my heart sore
that’s undeniable

It’s a wonderful feeling
just to hear your voice
And when you say that you care
I cant help but rejoice

For its you entire essence
That keeps my heart beating
Your beautiful faces presence
That keeps me breathing

When your not there
I can not see
I’m a boat with no sail
Lost at sea

Without you I’m stranded
I’m lost
And whatever happens
I’ll care for you no matter what the cost

Now, I’m not real sure
what all this means
But I’m absolutely positively sure
It’s you that I need

Written for: a girl that would never have me for not even so much as a friend :(


Damn right you should. If she does reject you, get wasted and party. That's what I do. Then "stay friends" and slowly poison her.