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I can't understand love

I've been in love for 6 months with a girl (I'm a male). I didn't talked to her for 2 months because she was ignoring me (lel she was just considering me like anyone); she asked me why I was like that with her, I didn't answered. She didn't care. In my personnal diary (where I write when in a bad mood), I was ready to commit sucide. Then I wished her happy birthday, and too sad not talking to her, I started to talk with her again. I finally saw her personnality was not matching mine, & her way of acting was too idiot for me.
A week after, I thought about a way more intelligent girl who used to look great to me. I'm talking to her since since last week, she has everything, beauty, intelligence, humor.
But I can't love her. Not that she's not my type, but I don't know my type, I'm realizing I never really loved someone. I never felt love.
Maybe because my vision of the world is way too cartesain, objective, rational I can't understand love. The problem being all my friends look able to love, everyone around me seem to be enjoying life with this concept of love. Here I'm standing, also asking myself why loving someone should be a fate? Simply because the whole world is talking of love, and this relationship looks to produce an enormous amount of happyness in life, I want this much happyness. I love being rational, but this way of acting looks to be the matter. Please if someone if living this situation, say it to me just for me to feel less lonely. I'm not here to complain me, I found this website where people are expressing their sad life, I'm also talking here to strangers in order to find someone like me.
Sorry for my english, hope for someone to find this speech.


I found this website where people are expressing their sad life.
What's it called? @Out2Lunch asked me to ask you..

Maybe you have felt love but just didn't know it, afterall love is not easily defined. If you thought you would never see her again, would that make you sad?
That's alredy yes something I've thought, especially knowing we'll be taken apart in a few years, and that did make me sad, but my purely rationnal personnality brought me back to reality, I rightly stopped being sad about that fact. Love might not be easily definable, but despite being a human -human is a social animal who can't live outside of a society or without relationships without turning mad-, I must be able to say that it's the only result of hormons production bringing animals (us, human, tend to call it love because of the philosophic background of humanity, because we don't want I think admit we're just animals) to have sex (give birth, then die).
This paradygm of life is maybe too rationnal and might be the thing preventing me to understand those beautiful feelings.

ps, talking of this one because life sucks was the first category I saw on my first visit of this site, maybe I'm wrong; I only began yesterday to check other categories.


Didn't even try to read any of this. Walls of text.
You just want to console the defeated man-child? He is looking for an e-friend with a similar pathetic life style to compare notes with. He doesn't need a parasitic diaper boy.

Show a little restraint, you drippy butthole.
So I'm here to update all readers;
this girl doesn't interest me anymore -I told myself being stuck on this relationship was maybe trapping me in some weird emotional position.
Even if I'm probably one of the most able one to step back on situations I know, I can't think anything else than the love is an intellectual derivative letting women bait men until they get a children which they'll be proud of and then let die their "husband" trying to fullfil their remaining life.
Society is I think our days, a huge wave, where dumb people are having fun surfing on it, but where people with mental illnesses or mental gifts (in my case being a precocious child) aren't able to understand how to surf also being laughed at by those idiots. I'm not saying every smart one mustn't be understood, but I profoundly think you can as you are, take a deep breath and ask yourself why's everyone acting this or that way, ask them, realize they're not like you, realize you're alone on some point, realize you'll always be, realize some solutions persevere through time -you know what I mean- about quitting lonelyness, also realize a random day you're usually feeling (suffering) extremely bad for no reason. Tell me someone is like me please, tell me I'm not alone on this world feeling alone everyday you talk with people not seeming to understand your behaviour, you acts, your opinion about life. That might help me