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I challange Fuxed to a drink off

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Yeah Fuxed has a lot to learn about the booze.

Nights of note:

Drank an entire 5th of Southern Comfort in an hour with no chaser on an empty stomach. Ugh... I did get sick, but lived.

Drank a half gallon of southern comfort in one night, though we did have food, and I was partying for 8 hours. Add in some beer, but I don't count beer.

On a dare drank 3 Long Island Ice teas loaded with booze (the bartender was in on the bet and made them harsh!) in 3 minutes, one minute per. Hey I won 100 marks! Back in the army days, then went on to drink beer and booze all night.

Got kicked out of a New Years Eve party in Munich, Germany. We paid 75 marks at the door for "all you could drink all night!". They lied, and kicked me out not because I was bad, but because they wouldn't let me have any more booze. They couldn't believe I was still standing, another army moment.

Drank some crappy beer, then starting doing tequilla shots, then took the whole bottle and drank it, then started drinking southern comfort, then I blacked out, and wandered the town, apparently I had a good time, though I remember only moments at a time. Some bachelor party that was! I wont even tell you what they said I was doing with the strippers! ARGH! I still don't believe them about that part, but too many people have concurred.

Some people have insane resistance to the booze. My friends call me "an expensive date." heh.
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