WTF ... IS WTF!?
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I do have to admit....

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some of the things on this forum are fun as hell..

theif! is fucking hilarious.. i've been successful three times and failed twice

changing peoples title is a riot too.

too bad you cant pay to edit peoples posts, or make a post with their screen name... that would be worth saving up for.

too bad my h4x0r skills are uber-nonexistant.

The thing with making a post under someone elses name would be tricky. cause if you go off the handle and too far away from the norm it would be obvious it wasnt them, so your level of retardation would have to be somewhere in the same ballpark to pull it off. this would require careful studying of their grammar and use of words to make it believable... could be a great way to prank someone.


You're my number two
Make a post under another member's name huh? That has potential.

*Max gets out his PHP for dummies Book.
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