I doubt your gonna like but whatever...


Hey I know ya'll are tired of "my cutting shit" as so you guys call it... but I only write and stuff when I am in a depressed mood so yeah... umm... I've got a couple... I doubt you'll like um.. but yeah here they are....

Look At her
Look into her eyes, you'll see her tears
The pain she's been feeling, for so many years
You'll know how she feels, she's screaming inside
You'll see all the secrets, she's had to hide

Look at her heart, it's been broken in two
She can never go back, to the world she once knew
Its left in pieces, they lie on the floor
She knows life won't be, the same anymore

Look at her scars, she makes herself bleed
By cutting herself, she hopes to be free
She knows that after, it just makes it worse
She's trapped in herself, she can't stop this curse

When things get bad, she does it again
And hopes for a time, when her sadness will end
Look at her life, she didn't want this
Look at her sitting here, cutting her wrists

She missed so many years, she grew up too fast
She can't ever forget, she can't change the past
Look at her memories, none of them good
She can't wipe them away, she wishes she could

Look at her tears, as they flow down her face
Now she feels nothing, just stares into space
Her pain is taking over, there's nothing she can do
You can see her, but she can't see you


Voorhees a jolly good fellow!
Very good, open and honest. I'm going to hold onto this one...

Hope you don't mind, I split this off into it's own thread instead of it piggybacking on the 'stickied' post above it. Think it's best here.


Angel of Death
You can see her,
but she can't see you

I loved that ending....

VERY NICE WORK. I am sorry I skipped over it the first time around hun