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I feel like crap


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I feel like crap.

All week, a few friends and I had been planning a "burning party". We were going to celebrate the end of the school year by burning everything we hated from the past year. Books, P.E. clotes, etc. Espescially things from girls (valentines, notes, gifts, pictures) that we now hated. Everyone seemed really excited about it and I was excited too. It was going to be a little late-night bonfire.

And then, I call my best friend to make the final plans (it was supposed to be tonight)... And I find out he went to the mall and the movies. With everyone that was going to be at the burning party. Except, not me. I wasn't even invited or told. Everybody I thought I was going to hang out with and have fun with tonight just blew me off. I mean, fine if they wanted to do something else, but to invite everyone and exclude me? Boo fucking hoo.

So that made me feel pretty shitty. And then...

There's this girl in my group of friends. I've always thought she hated me. Asking to change seats immediately when the teacher sat her by me, telling me that I was "good at being fake" but that she "meant it as a compliment", etc. I told some people that I thought she hated me, and apparently she thinks that's rediculous, she likes me. She vehemently denies any distaste towards me, but for some reason she always seems to have this scowl on her face when she looks at me or talks to me. I even called her on it myself, and she said she didn't know what I was talking about. So then, today, I find out, she's changed her screen name, without telling me. We used to talk online fairly frequently and I had been wondering why I hadn't seen her. It had been a long time, too, like a month. Everybody else knew, but not me. If she doesn't like me why can't she be mature and say so when I ask her? I don't have any problem with her. I'm fucking snubbed for the second time today.

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Wizard No More
sorry to hear you're feeling down icarus. these people dont sound like your friends though. id confront them about it because if they dont truly value your friendship why should you give it to them

hope you feel better


Hella Constipated
Backstabbers suck. I've had my share back in the day :(.


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I was thinking about it.

One of my good friends (who was supposed to come to the burning party) is a huge asshole.

He refuses to talk about anything personal. He's got huge issues with expressing himself and displays emotion only when he has to. He's not supportive of anything (a sarcastic "good luck with that" or "that's cool for you" is all you get out of him) and he's a bitch about little stuff.


I say you burn your friends.

Good friends are hard to come by, ones who care about you enough not to do something like that.

Just keep your mind open when meeting new people. You may naturally drift towards people like your current friends; people of the same scene, with the same interests, etc. But that may make it harder to make friends who don't treat you like they do.

For example: I used to hang out with all the potheads and punks, and they were never all that good to me. I just stuck with them because that's what I was used to. However, after I started to be less discerning as to who I befriended, I found a group of people who cared a bit more. It was a group of girls, hardly who I would have expected to be hanging out with.

Just don't get stuck with people you're used to being with and not who're good to you.


WTF's Official Conspiracy Fanatic
I'm also sorry to hear about this. I hate it when people you think of as friends hurt you so bad. I only hope you'll find some better friends. Good luck.


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It's not that they hurt me "so bad", I just felt like crap because I'd been excluded.

My friends usually don't pull shit like this. Normally, if they're doing something, everyone's invited. We function as a large group. This is the first time they've done something like this to me (I've been a member of this group for almost two years now). I'm going to call my friend and ask him about it, and be honest that I felt excluded.

And I'm going to call the girl too.


sounds like u have some shitty friends. Guess what. So do I. Lets be friends together Icarus. :cookie:


(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
:) Thanks Mags.

Issue number 1 is resolved. I called my friend and he apologized. It turns out that it was a misunderstanding. One one my friends thought I was mad at him (I kind of was, but he thought I was madder than I actually was) and somebody was going to call me, but he said I wouldn't want to come if he was there.

Still nothing about the girl that hates/doesn't hate me, though.