i feel like writing


no piggy no!!!
post note: this is all kind of a big whine but i wrote it so i figured i'd post it- if you don't like it fuck off i don't give a shit, this is my tuesday night

I saw myself smiling- sort of a scary scene.
so many secrets behind that grin, so much sadness that i fight with all my strength. I long to just be another somebody and not a gutter girl with a black soul. I scream sometimes, nobody hears me. i run with my monsters at my heels but usually i just keep running pretending the monsters aren't there at all. That they never were there to begin with. When people see me they see a happy girl that could even be a cheerleader, or a weather girl on the six o'clock news. A new prejudice begins. I know I'm no better than the rest of you, nor am I below you. I am seen as the epitemy of this evil stereotype. When people get to know me they realize I'm no better off, and I'm just as crazy as everyone else. Without the whiny tone that goes along with this sentence, I would like to say that I wish people would look beyond my exterior. I'm not a bitch just because I look decent in a bikini and it's not my fault that guys act like they do towards me. I don't wear makeup and I don't wear tight clothing... I don't know what else to do other than to cut off my face with a razor blade and eat myself into blimp status. Maybe I should just jump off a building to escape this suffocating hate. It seems to be the only way. BUt hate I can live through because I have hope that I am only hated by ignorance.

teh anarchist

cool, well done, deep. Ignore the ignorant, in a matter of years you will have long ago left them in your dust, only to have a new batch of ignorant people to ignore.