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I hate kids on the Mexican American border.

Ryan McAury

I grew up with the idea there was a wall in Berlin. It was built to keep the right wing capitalists out.
But American propaganda made it the other way round. Of course people in East Germany wanted to see their relatives in the West.
But it was obvious, that the Voice of America was exaggerating a lot. Also there were former German nazi's that started to work for the American CIA and such. They still had an opportunity to exegerate the Soviet power. According to them, the Russians could attack any moment.
In reality, there wasn't any truth in that. Russia is large on its own, so there was never any need to conquer western Europe.
In the contrary, NATO was always agressive towards Russia and communism.
Remember the Cuba crises in 1963? Why would the Russians put missiles in Cuba? It's simple.
Because the USA had placed missiles with nuclear warheads on the doorsteps of Russia. In Turkey.
Kennedy did a poker face trick with the Russians, and removed them from Turkey, and it was kept secret.

So, what is Trump doing towards Mexico? And Venezuela? Planning to wage more wars, now in South America?
Uncle Sam needs your blood again.
Americans beware of your malicious goverment and deep state.
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