i hate my dad


i hate my fucking dad. let me tell u why.

1. Every evening he comes back from work he's crazy...im minding my own business(watching TV) and he forces me to turn it off saying its junk TV or wadeva...and then he turns on some crap music and dirty the toilet with all his pee(YUCK!) and den he will raid the refrigerator for food and slack on the sofa..and guess wad? i just have to wait 3mins and there he is..asleep producing the worst snore u ever heard. When he wakes..he will bark at me and force me to do all the chores and stuff...i was like..omgwtf this is your house why wont u do it urself then? then he will sleep again..till dinner's ready and asking me to get him everything. dinners not that bad..at least i get some TV....the bad thing is u cant hear a shit cuz there he is again crapping about the TV programmes and finding every chance he could to insult and discriminate it..now im really pissed by him(if u dont like it then why not FUCK OFF\?!) and needless to say washing the dishes was my job too...the laundry..the vacuum cleaning..once he even forced me to go out in the rain..cross 2 roads just to get him a newspaper...UGH...then he will spend the night on the sofa(reading magazines or papers) like HE DOESNT GIVE A SHIT ABOUT THE FAMILY? my mum would always remind him to check on my work and stuff like that..then he'll just shout"done ur homework?" and then he forgets all about it . some nights when my mother returned late he'll have to prepare dinner..and man the food he cooks SUX i rather not have dinner damnit. and he will keep asking u to eat more like its damn tasty or wad..OMG
another thing i hate about him is HE NEVER ADMIT HIS OWN MISTAKES damnit. anything that was spoilt who would be blamed? ME ! he can screw up his comp and i would get the blame. he is really irritating u know/..i just stepped into the bathroom after a minute he would blame me for spending too much time in the shower..WTF worst of all.. he smokes..right in front of me and stinks up the whole house . he is really freaky when he is pissed...throwing things around a screeching..UGH i really feel like saying FUCK YOU but dont dare to >< at night he takes forver to go to bed..hes like on his comp forever..and i can hear him sipping his coffee so loudly...and the next day..u find 2 full boxes of biscuits gone..i HATe him so much..he restricts my usage of the computer and doesnt allow any computer games.he locks my mouse and keyboard in his room in the day and i can only use at night... and everytime he passes my room and sees me using the comp he would accuse me of playing computer games...WTF and he would threaten to lock the computer..like wtf...the last thing is he never keeps his promises.
he once promised me something if my grades were good and the results proved positive but he denies of making such a promise i was like WTF U FAGGOT . yea he can be such a faggot if he is rich..but damnit he is not. can hardly afford the bills LOL! oh well..guess my life is ruined by him..i even sweared im not gonna give a shit about him in the future...argh...ppl gimme some advice lol..