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"i hate my parents!" ... this is so annoying


Rock Dragon \m/
Is it just me (this is not on this site in particular) but i go around and see kids ranting about their parents meanwhile their parents are doing nothing but helping them and bieng nice. Example, my freind yelled at his mom for walking across the tv screen to pick up HIS clothes, and tells me (just me) that his mom is just plain stupid for walking infront. Serouslly, at least your mom cares enough to do your clothes, i feel like just saying, put down the danm video game controller, and hug your parents for all they have done for you. I may have quarrels with my dad, and i may dislike some of my mothers ways, but they are not BAD parents, or bitches, or anything you may want to call them. They have brought me life on earth, put a roof over my head, clothed me, fed me, and done all things a good mother and father do. I really hate people that cant just open their eyes to the people that are helping them and instead bitch about what they are doing to "anger" them.

teh anarchist

See .. people like that remind me of that one spoiled bitch from the first Willie Wanka movie .... I mean, I really just can't understand how a parent could live with their kid behaving like that. It would be such an embarrassment to them as a person as well as their parenting skills. I don't think that kids are just like that when they're born, I mean, it has to be something that they got from their parents. Either from being spoiled all the time or from just general lack of parenting. Those kids are fucked up.


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Linksy said:
What you respect will come to you, what you don't respect will move away from you.:thumbsup:
good to see some are clued in, people wont realise how much they miss their parents until they realise they.cant.cook.


I'm just really nice.
Heh, if I have kids that try pulling that kind of crap with me, I'll slap them across the mouth and tell them to do their own damn laundry.