I hate people who complain...


That Guy
...because they have to get up at 8 every morning to go to work... then, at work, they sit behind a computer all day, typing or posting on message boards or whatever the hell they do. I have to get up at 6 every morning, be at the job site at 7, and work my ass off for 10 hours a day... yes, my job actually makes me sweat... i actually get my hands dirty. the thing about my job, though, is i can actually SEE what i've done, instead of writing a report or whatever the hell they do, send it to some big-ass corporation and never see it again. Those lazy fuckers should try that sometime, instead of bitching and whining cause they have to get up at 8 and be at work at 10. "Oh, i don't want to work today." well, tough luck, fucker. work's a part of life. get used to it. Stop complaining cause you have to sit on your ass all day while getting paid 40 bucks an hour. lazy bitches.


Angel of Death
Unforgiven said:
land scaping... it actually requires me to get my hands dirty.

to be to work at 7 lol

when i was in high school... 16, cause in south dakota you can drop out when your 16 and get a full time job, which i didn't do but I did work a full time job.... are you following me

I went to school and worked a full time job

i worked 12 hour days

6 pm to 6am and went to school at 8 am

thing is...

you would work 2 12 hour days... have two off... work 3 12 hour days.... some shit like that

but i busted my ass and took extra shifts... once worked 14 days straight for 12 hours...

got paid 8.50 an hour

made a thousand dollar check....


those was the good days


complaining is like jerking off , it release your within and if you dont like people that complaint to fuckin' bad but i do hate the news people they complaint more than anyone especially when comes to the weather and companies complaints as well when they cant rip off there customer *cough microshit *cough