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I hate siblings

I'm getting pissed at my brother he's being an ass. Him and his girlfriend moved in with us and he thinks that because he has to pay rent that i should to. I'm only 17 and I'm still in school. Most of you guys here at know my brother 'You know the deal' of some shit like that. Since him and Ann got together they have been making my like a living hell. They kicked me out of my room they took my bed and they think they have say in our house. They're driving me nutts and lately I've been just staying at work and only going home to go to bed, but when i'm finally home he accuses me of eating all the food when i only eat at school and work, i have no idea what i'm going to do when school is over. Someone please give me ideas he's to tall to duct tape now so that won't work. :confused:
oh i think if they leave something in their room they will find ants. Ann thinks that she can go into my room whenever she wants.


What do you parents think of all this?

I'd say fuck the whole family. Go to college far away and live in or around campus for the 4 years you are there. Start a career imediately after college and never talk to them again. When your brother and his whore have 8 children, have destroyed the house, and are totally broke, ignore any plees for monitary aid until they apologise for being assholes all those years ago.

Ha, just a thought :p

(living a life of crime is good too, then you can buy your own house somewhere else. Try rippinng off grocery stores at night and reselling the booze and cigarettes to high school kids :thumbsup: )


You can come and stay in my house Cuz. You're always welcome at the family's. Or you could always go and stay with grammy if it got too bad. You know she'd love to have ya. (We're her favorites u know. ;) )
I'm SO happy. Lowell broke up with Ann and my life is better. She moved back to AZ and quit McDonalds. Lowell hasn't been home much, but he's with hios friend for support. Schools almost over so I don't know when I'll be online again. Talk to everyone when i get my internet back. bye.

Cuz grammy doesn't like the idea of me not being her religion and she's pissed that I'm Pagan of all religion.