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I HATE THIS! or Stupid people ruin lives


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Wow. So for about 2 months my bud and I decided to go up the road about an hour to a vista point in the middle of nowhere in the mountains. It's a beautiful spot and the meteors are supposed to be in full swing. So we're gonna bring some drinks and smoke and chairs, and just sit up there BSing and watching the beauty. Hell I even have at least 8 more people who want to go. So there'd be a small party up there from like 8pm to 3 or 4 am. Just a quiet, enjoyable, sweet ass time.

SOOOOOO..... I find out just a few seconds ago that some old lady decided to go missing up the hill yesterday... and they found her car where? Right in the fucking middle of where we've been planning to go. So there's search crews, cops, the whole works. They're gonna rope off the whole area so nobody can get in. FUCK!

I hear some of you already. "Wow, you should feel sorry for the lady and her family! What if it was yours! WAHHH WAAAHHHH!"

Fuck that. I'm tired of not getting to do SHIT because other people are so fucking lame. What are the fucking odds of this happening right when we planned? About 100 fucking percent. I'm a good guy, I help people, I chip in, I am friendly and forgiving. I'm tired of it. I give and give, and this fucking Universe just has to ruin everything. I hate living in this hellish universe. Everyone's life sucks. All the tragedy. All the stupid shit. It overwhelms me at times, Like this one.

I want to be all "Well gee, that's terrible I hope they find her and we'll just plan this another time."

REAL LIFE now. My friend took the day off friday so we could pull this off, so it will be months before we can think of this. My wife gave me shit for weeks about going out all night, and I wont be able to pull this trick off again for months. The meteor swarm will not be back for fucking Years. My other friends are moving all over the USA in a few months. In a few months it will be cold as hell and miserable up there, if the pass is even open. So NO. I may miss a once in a lifetime oppurtunity because someone got lost.

There's always someone lost, or dying, or whatever. That's why I try to live my life to the fullest. Shit like this literally ruins my life. If I get killed by a drunk driver in a week I will have missed out on a fabulous time, because of other people's stupidity.

If this was the only time this happened I might not be so pissed. It's not. We planned a big trip to a secluded spot, and it was not only ruined for the night, but forever. Some asshole psycho killed some girls and dumped their bodies in the spot where we used to love to go.

Another time we planned a big trip only to have it canceled by fire.

Then there was the time the big rig tipped over and blocked the road so nobody could go.

Shit I could go on and fucking on. Maybe I'm just fucking cursed. FUCK!!!! :mfinger:


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Find her, kill her, mail her body to your ex's house. Kill two birds with one stone.

Captain 151

Seeped in a dry Merlot
Is this the only clearing in this region where you could have watched the shower? Perhaps, there is another spot down the road a little. I don't know, why where you so fixated on this one field?


drunk with a jeep problem
Wow some one with luck like mine. Sorry to hear of your bad luck but don't let it get to you. I've had 3times more and worse shit happen to me in the last year, so i do know about horibal luck. But keep in mind woods and fields are stupid people black holes, stupid people go in and don't come out. Gods most potent form of natural selection i've ever seen. I have gotten stuck behind people on trails and the like cause they have a lincon car on a jeep trail. I would suggest learn from this and never select just one place. Every time i needed to find someplace for, umm, something, and i pickes more than one place, someone would always fuck something up in the place i realy liked. :reddevil:


Original Dicksman
I like tbsrk's recommendation. Perhaps an alternate site exists within a reasonable range. Check out some topographical maps of the area. If that doesn't work.. go with DG's idea.


Oppressing your posts...
this seems to go with my theory of orchistrated life... take for instance some time... stand a block from a road and look too it... barely any traffic.. now go to the road.. suddenly 15 cars all wanna go through the road just as you want to cross.. you want to go somewhere on the highway, so of course at that exit or somewhere in between you and there, an accident thats holding up all of traffic not even cause its in the way. Cause its not. No.. because every single moron on the road has to stop to see if someone has been decapitated to appease thier morbid desires..

but yeah.. that blows..