I hate this shit


That Guy
As a few of you probably know, my father is no longer living with us.

He left at the beginning of December, and, ever since then, my sister's been bitchy, i've been feeling like shit, mom's been working her ass off cause dad's not giving us money.

On top of that, I always seem to hurt the people I care about most.

All this bullshit makes me just wanna leave and never return. I don't care where, I just want out of this shit hole of a town I live in. But, being the unemployed bum I am, I don't have enough money to do that.


Fack Aff!
well just tough it out, try to get some kind of work to help mom, maybe make her load a little less. you are in a tough situation, there are alot of high emotions. alls you can do is ride it out, as for leaving and never returning, i don't think thats the right answer. no matter what you may think, your mom and sister need you, and you have to survive this as a family. i found the first year is the longest and toughest, but after that it starts to get easier. ;) so hang tough, be there for eachother and before you know it life starts to return back to normal :rolleyes: