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I haven't seen much of a progresss..


Banned - What an Asshat!
Anyhow, so I thought my job in the deli was going good and fine and everything was super, Getting everything down, everything that goes in what, and etc. Then the Store manager comes up to me and was like " I haven't seen much progress from you in the past 2weeks" (Which is bullshit? You try to learn every fucking code on the back of the sign and everything that goes into the meal..) Anyhow, he goes "Well, maybe I can move you into an another department, such as a late night stocker or Curtesy clerk(which is basically a bagger).. So i'm like yeah okay, i'll do that. Anyhow, today kinda irritated me, cuz I saw a friend that I haven't seen or talked to in about 5 years, and my boss was talking to me when she was leaving the store, GOD DAMNIT! Anyhow, being a clerk isn't that hard...just the hot days in the sun, pushing grocery carts..
Anyhow, atleast I still have a job..