WTF ... IS WTF!?
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I leave for 14 years and WTF happened to this place?


I was on AS from pretty much the beginning, as I recall. I remember it sort of evolving (or at least when @Jason started advertising it around) right around the time AnandTech killed their Hot Deals forum. A bunch of people (myself included) just sort of came over from there, and a few stayed. Not sure how long before the AnandTech thing that AS got up and running, but I don't recall there being much of a user base when I got there.

I stayed on until the site moved over to General Forums, and then the appeal just sort of died out very quickly for me, once the core group sort of disbanded. WTF was up and running by that time, but like I said, I think that was maybe around the time I started working at a more demanding job (probably around when I started at the UN).


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Yeah, Alien Soup (first launched on Ultimate Bulletin Board software) was only online ~2 months before the Anandtech stuff. We were on a fair server, but when we got hit with all the traffic I had to rapidly upgrade within hours... Imagine a site has about 100 people, then all of a sudden tens of thousands were visiting and joining up when you wake the next morning. ;)

Since we had 1 Hot Deals forum, people used that for a while but most went to FatWallet which began around the same time as Alien Soup. Since that was a dedicated deals site, and it had corporate funding, there was obviously not going to be any competition! Within a year the Hot Deals area closed and we continued to just keep it a general discussion site for a decade. Was a fun run.
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