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::I Long To::

Your face is so lovely
Your breath is so sweet
Your touch is so tender

I long to wrap my arms around you
I long to kiss your lusus lips
I long to hold your hand
I long to say i love you

I understand I can never have you
But that does not stop me wanting you
I long for the day when you
Say that you love me
Love me for me
And will always love me

The most beautiful rose in this land
Not compares to your face
The sweetest of all perfume
Not compares to your kiss
The most beautiful songbird
Sounds not as sweet as you laughter
Your tender touch is all I need
To melt the winter blues

I long for the day
I can Say that i love you
i long for the day i can hug you
i long for the day i can kiss you

The days are cold
Waiting for you here
The nights are lonely
Waiting in the dark corner
Waiting for your love
To bring the light


Banned - What an Asshat!
i can relate too too much lol it the whole "shes just a friend" story lol my friend isnt that slutty but yes she is very hot and i love her


hmm i can say that related to me
every word u said was what i wanted to say for the person i love
:( i wished i could say something like that to the one i love
well sometimes i try to say that :p i can't :p my english is bad
and she understand me wrong :(
that was very romantic :thumbsup: here is some rep points :p although i dunno if i can give yet :p
hmm i love her ^^