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I mess up so much :P


Fresh Meat
:) I dont take shit from no one at school. Like when someone on the bus said, move your fat ass fuking leg. i said back, FUCK YOU, AND YOUR SELFISH ASS TOO!!!!, then i pushed them. Thing is. He was a fuking senior or whatever. and im in 7th grade. Ohhhhh shit. But.. the funny thing is that he called me and said he wanted to apoligive HAHA.

Also, today at school. I was at breakfast eating a doughnut. and i was in a rush to get out. So i had the doughnut hanging half out my mouth, and this guys said in a whisper voice thinking he couldent hear me. "some queer ass shit". and i said Yeah, Fuk you too. and fliped them off rofl. then i turned around and the guy was so pissed staring at me thinking of a comeback. Heh.. he was thinking so hard he knocked his friends milk all over his suit shit thing he was wearing for picture day. And i got bye. never saw the bitch the whole day.

So you see, im a teenager. I am not saying my life is a fuk up. I acctualy love my life, i get by with so much stuff. And no im not a bad kid. Im an A and B student. Who has friends. I dont act like a hardcore gangsta or anything. Nope, just a kid.


The Iron Lung
7th grade...hmmmm....that was the year i brought back the ancient art of the headbutt....a very underated tool in dealing with life's little pricks.

so today, i got pulled over... i was going 180 in a 50 zone... i flipped the cop off and he shut the hell up and gave me a warning.

good times.