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i need some advice


Ok, heres my backgound

I am currently at the university of chicago and I am undecided on what to major in. It is either going to be math or computer science.
I am interested in both a lot, but i dont think i would want to do research. Does anyone of you know what possible jobs i could get with a undergrad in math, or what possible options i would ave in grad school with an undergrad in math.
From what i have heard, getting a job with only a undegrad math degree is pretty hard.
Also if anyone knows what oppurtunities i would have if my undergrad major is in computer science, I would be extremely greatfull :thumbsup:

Ofcourse there is allways an option of double majoring in compter science and mathematicsm, but the Uof C isnt exactly the easiest college to double major in.

Thanks in advance if you can help me :)

EDIT: oh yeah, and please dont crap up the thread and say im an idiot and i should talk to the counsellor in college.....I allready have tried it. I have the worst counsellor you can possibly get.