I once had a love


I once had a love.
A love that burned with such bright intensity
that it left us both blistered and blind
raw and irrationally over protective.
Love, seemingly solid, yet fragile, when heated unevenly
cracks and then violently shatters,
like glass.
Shards embeded in the heart and mind
cannot be extracted without blood
so they remain,
a reminder of what was carelessly broken.
A broken heart is a scar
sometimes numb,
sometimes unbearably sensative...
and sometimes it itches.
I was young and dumb
and I thought it would fade away
in time.
Time only brings integration,
new reflexes,
learn to smile again, even laugh.
I expected to forget,
by now, I expected to be free, but...
You still come to mind frequently...
every day...
at least twice...
How are You?
I hope You found an even flame.
I never did.
I'm blistered, blind, raw, and irrational.
Thank you.