I pity the foo


Flame Bait
I do not work. But if I did, I would be mad at the drunk people that sit down at the blackjack tables. Any other establishment (other than a casino) would have to refuse service to these people. But here they are, cussing and smoking and ordering one Jack Daniels after another, and blowing their money with idiotic plays that the other players laugh at and I just sigh at. They get belligerent as hell, but hey... let's wait just a little while longer to see if he'll lose that last few hundred he has on him.... OK, now you can escort him out.
grrr. Of course there's the story of a dealer who saw a guy passed out at a table, which HAS to look bad (I mean, you would not see that as a valued image in the Harrah's employee handbook), and he was told not to disturb him... the drunk guy was the casino owner. Oh! It is like babysitting big ugly smelly kids, who could whip out a gun and blast you to hell in a split drunk second. Sheesh. Oh yeah and they usually do not tip. Curse the stiffs!!!
BTW, George Bush says his job would be much easier if he were dictator. I guess he has a point.