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I saw Drew Carey and Friends Live...


Hella Constipated
Words can simply not describe how funny this was.

Drew Carey walks on stage right after it starts, and says:

"Wow. Carnegie Hall. What a Shithole!"

"Have you been in the dressing rooms? The coat hangers are attached to the rack. Who the fuck would steal coat hangers?"

It was essentially a souped up version of "Who's Line is it Anyway?" except souped up, and uncensored.

At one point, Drew Carey and another person were on stage, with 98 LIVE MOUSETRAPS, blindfolded, barefoot, pretending to chase bubbles. Drew says:

"You know, we can have lots more fun if we do the happy bubble dance!"

He grabs the other guy, who says:

"Aaaah! You fucker!"

They proceed to waltz across the stage, whilst setting off dozens of mouse traps.

We also got to go backstage, because my dad and Drew go a long way back (All the way back to writing and performing material for the Cleveland Comedy Club show, a local sketch comedy show on a local station in Cleveland).

It was tons of fun, and was by far the funniest thing I have ever seen.

If you ever get the chance to see this show, see it. You will NOT be disappointed.


i've never seen anything about him coming around here but i must say that that new green screen show he hosts is pretty damn amusing
Oo Wow

Drew Carey.. Damn, how exciting. He is a funny dude but are u really that excited.. Seeing Ellen Degenerous live, now thats some funny shit



Banned - What an Asshat!
Whose line is it anyway > Drew Carey show.


Banned - What an Asshat!
Darkness_Reaper said:
what time is it on? and station....i can never find it.
Wtf, did you read the thread name? "I saw drew carry LIVE..
And that guy is fuckin hilirious.


Resident Conservative
I hope his stand up was better than his TV show.. and that "whos line" show... I cannot stand either one... then again.. I didn't like "Cheers" either.. so maybe I have a shitty sense of humor...