I should quit.


I just have one comment to make and that is that I'm sick of being sick and I should quit my job.

If it isn't head colds, it's the stomache flu. I like the kids and the job is great, but I've been sick pretty much non-stop since Thanksgiving. It's such a royal pain in the ass to be sick all the time. And on top of that I go to school full time and my boss is treating me like shit. She's always calling me in early, and using up my phone minutes on my cell cuz no matter how much I ask her to call me at home, she still calls my cell. (Which wouldn't be a problem if I didn't have one of those pay as you go phones.) And now she's asking me to do extra things like go and clean her house and babysit overnight for her three insanely obnoxious and very naughty children so that she and her husband can go to watch another blue collar comedy person. I'm just tired of it. In my opinion, if you're scheduled for a certain time then that's what you work. And you shouldn't be asked to come and clean the boss's house cuz she "doesn't have any time." More like she doesn't wanna get off her ass to do it. URG!


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Speaking of blue collar comedy, anyone watching the roast of Jeff Foxworthy tonight? :thumbsup:

Seriously, you deserve a better boss then that bitch. Quit the damn job.


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You shouldn't take her shit man, just tell her to fuck off and get yourself a better job, theres plenty going round from the way you tell me your boss treats you. Goddamn that is fucking weak asking you to clean her house cause she cant be bothered. No!!! Quit I would


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I am not sure, if quting would be the right choice. I mean, you said you like to work with kids, and all the stuff, and after all it's not that easy to find a job. Thou, you should really tell your boss, that "No, i can't. This is not what i am supposed to do, this reaches far beyond my work duties." And if she'll fire you, then i guess this work, wasn't worth it.
So - either stay, and explain to her, that this is none of your concern,
Or - if you'll find another job, quit the current one immediately.