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i sleept with a deaf chick


well first thing firts she isint actually deaf just kinda hearing impaired, meaning she has to wear hearing aids. wich means she cant really talk well, but other than that she is a great chick. i meet her bout 3 years ago while i was doin year cut class and as i was walking across campus i heard some "popular" guys payin out this girl i kinda knew from sum of my classes. i told em to piss off and luckly a teacher came across to see what the noise was about or i woulde have probly had the crap beatin outa me. she put me and this chick on detension for truinten and the other guys feed her some shit bout havin a free peroid. so after school that day im sittin in the detension room with like 3 other people including the girl who was gettin bullyed that mourning. i sat down next to her and found out her name was sara. i duno watt it was about this girl but i found ma self liking her heaps and also feeling sorry for her. so after we got out of detension i asked her if she wanted to have lunch or go see a movie or sumthin on the weekend. she said yeah that woulde be nice and i got her phone number (just an off note she was kinda shy about talkin cause of her speech problem, but i didint give a shit bout that)so on the week end i called her and asked her if she wanted to go see a movie or somthing she said yeah and told me to come get her in 20 minutes or so.(she was only stayin at a place that was like 15 or so minutes away).so i picked her up and we went and saw a movie (i cant remeber watt it was lol this was like 3 years ago).so after that we started goin out more and hangin out at school between studies and shit. so naturally one night after dinner i asked if she wanted to come back to my place for a couple of drinks. so we get bak to my place (not really my place ma folkes new tha people who owned it so i got cheap rent) and i grab a few bears and crak em open and after bout half an hour or so we started to make out and shit and she ended up "staying" at my place the night. i woke up bout 10 ish with her laying next to me and by this time i had figured out watt had happen last night and i started to feel really bed like i had taken advantage of her or sumthing. but she woke up and stayed all mourning and had breakfast and shit after that she asked if i coulde tak her home so her room mate didint start worrying about her. so after that we still went out and we did "it" a few more times but with year 12 studies and exams and shit i didnt really have much spare time and it was the same with her. so after bout 3 months of seeing each other off and on we had graduation and went our seperate ways.
we still talk on da phone and stuff but i miss seeing her (plus i kinda found the way she talked cute, some might think thats cruel or sumthin but thay can get stuffed) so yeah i just wanted to say all this cause i still kinda feel bad about sleeping with her like i was taking advantage with her or something but yeah comments on this woulde be helpfull but remeber if you dont have something nice to say dont frigin say it at all ;)

lady victoria

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Hey, its apparent something special has happened between both of you, what im a little confused about is why you both didnt continue to see each other?

You also say you feel guilty about sleeping with her, she has a disability but she is a normal girl, she probably enjoyed it as as much as you. If that wasnt the case im sure that she would have given you some kind of indication. Dont worry, if it bothers you that much talk to her. I really think u worry over nothing, the best of luck to you. :thumbsup:

meh_it_all Sexy Pimp-ette.
Well you obviouly saw past her disability, and liked her for who she was, you didn't exactly sleep with her and just get up and leave, you spent time with her, and you miss her now aswell.

You shouldn't look at it NOW as you slept with a "deaf chick", she's a person just like Vic said.


a.k.a. FuckTheBullShit
Like the others have said, you didn't do anything wrong. It's not like you raped her or targeted her because she'd be easy or anything. You liked her, she liked you, BAM, you BOTH got laid. Notice the BOTH part? Maybe she feels guilty for using her disability to get you in the sack? (Probably not but it makes my point for me.)

So if you miss her, and still talk to her why not do something about it? There doesn't need to be drama around the whole thing. Tell her you miss her and would like to see her. It turns out life is a lot easier when people just stop plaing games and be dirrect.


Banned - What an Asshat!
Dude, get off your fucking ass and at least try to tell her. Otherwise, you are just being a faggot ass pansy about the whole situation. And, Im sure that even being deaf, if she did not want to be with you she would not have been. I dont know what your issue is, so you slept with a deaf girl, felt bad, and now you dont talk to her? Dont you know that if you sleep with a girl, you are supposed to feel good about it (IF YOU ARE OVER 18), and call her everyday, especially if you liked her!!

PS: Just tell her how you feel about everything. And I dont get your hang up about her being deaf anyways.


thanks yall :happysad: i rang her last night and had a nice long talk lol. so were gona go out again but i dont no wear tot take her i was thinkin of a piknic or sumthin lol (i no it sounds pussy) cause i havent seen her in like 6 or 7 monts