I slink back from the Shadows


The Pizza-Slinger
Welcome back Buddha! I as well have tried to get back in the WTF groove.

I don't know why things have so slowed down here. It's like we all were growing up here... we were like family. Then we grew and kinda, drifted away from home. Now we pop our heads in after some time away and go, "What the fuck has happened around here?".

The newer kids haven't really kept the house that well. They don't seem to have the fervor to carry the passion for flaming that we once did. They don't seem encouraged to post about the latest articles like we once did (I don't really blame them there... Facebook and MSM seems to encapsulate people in a shell of paranoia and political war). The only rooms that seem to get used heavily now are Pix Pen & Life Sucks.

And so here we are, moving back in. A little older, hopefully a little wiser. Still who we once were, but more refined.... and trying to figure out where we can fit in now. Cheers mate!