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I slit my wrist.


tea anyone?
This happened a few years ago.

I was playing Unreal Tournament on my brother's computer, doing the training mission inside of a chapel.

So there I was, getting into my training mission and whatever. I remember getting up at one point, and when I sat back down the back of my chair fell off. I cautiously placed in on the floor beside me and told myself not to lean back again.

My brother was in the other room cleaning, when he called me in to help. After I was done, I came back - completely forgetting about the chair. I leaned back, and fell. I grabbed onto the table behind me with my arms and locked my legs into the legs of the chair as I began to slide torturously to the floor. I took my right hand to touch the floor when I was low enough, and my wrist fell flat on a rusty piece of metal that was sticking out of the back that had fallen (that I had rested beside me).

I screamed out and started to yell at my parents who didn't know what to do. There was little blood and a weird white slit (which I'm guessing was skin) right below my palm. It took months to fully heal, and now I revel in telling people stories of my attemped suicide and seeing their reactions when I show them my "evidence".

Fucking chair. Fucking chair.

I must admit, it was pretty absent-minded on my part. But that fucking chair.


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It took months to fully heal, and now I revel in telling people stories of my attemped suicide and seeing their reactions when I show them my "evidence".

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Hahaha. Thank god this isnt a real wrist slashing thread. I might have gone and slashed my wrists. you know, due to my severe depression and what not.


Ouch that's gotta hurt. And, that was accidental! I can't imagine anyone hurting themselves by sliting their wrists purpousley. Like, i know ppl who do it, but i can't imagine hurting myself that way. Like, how can pain make someone feel better. It's supposed to be a "release" but, still. Ouch!


i remember back in high school i witnessed a kid run into a window with one of his fists outstretched. needless to say, if you have a basic understanding of physics he kept on going through the glass and he got his wrist sliced up real nasty. poor fucker probably needed stitches, but he was a dumbass anyway.

maybe one day when he's feeling suicidal with his friends they could step in at the last moment noticing the scar and say "hey man are you sure you wanna go through all that shit again?" :sword: