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I smell bacon.:P

Discussion in 'Taters & Haters' started by jujubee, Oct 10, 2013.

  1. jujubee

    jujubee ~what it is~ Premium

    I thought I'd post this here so you can call me paranoid or whatever and I'm only a stone's throw away.

    Somewhere mid-summer, in my small area people began saying they'd expanded the force here triple-duty. They said it would only be for a month, which I thought sounded funny because it was after our mid-summer BudBash, the time we normally recruit from surrounding areas.

    But we still seem to have them on, their presence is much thicker, very noticeable, imo. I feel sorry for poorer looking vehicles always pulled over by the roadside. I felt sorry a few days ago when I saw a cop riding someone's ass for fifteen miles, I've been there. I think in fifteen miles up their ass it's not a far stretch to imagine you might shake them enough to get them to flub, cross the center line, for example, anxious or nervous.

    A friend and I were talking about quotas also and how the average dept seems to deny their existence. The budget had to be stretched somewhere to put these extra cars on. I know only a couple of years back we'd had to cut and drop a few so it's made me curious.

    So I went looking and found these, be sure to read the quoted portion from the whistle-blowing cop who recorded his chief...


    The voice goes on to say in the recording [sic], "If i seen a vehicle, I could always find some reason to stop them even if I made them do something stupid."

    The voice, Brasuell says is McKinnon, goes on to describe his traffic stop method:

    "I wanna stop that car load of dumb sh*** in the car, I wanna stop it, but they are not going to do anything wrong. Hell, I'll get behind or the other lane and I'd start crowding them. Kinda dirty pool but i got two or three arrests out of it."





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  2. YUCK FOU!!!

    YUCK FOU!!! Critical Update Notification Tool.

    You smell Bacon? Well guess what sweetheart? I smell nobody gives a shit.

    How is the driving ability of these idiots anyones but their own? Cops don't need a reason to pull you over here. They can do the fuck they want and we all survive.

    None of this pussy ass "secondary offence "bullshit. I'll give you the hot tip; if it looks like shit, smells like shit, and acts like shit I'll say it's probably not chocolate icecream.

    Taters yo!
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  3. glarbdevices

    glarbdevices Well-Known Member

    I wish we had more here. There was a maroon Pontiac grandam with muzzle gray duct tape out lining red masking tape over its back bumper and the entire left side of the rear had been horribly smashed in but you could tell it had been tht way for a while, so this car is in the lane to the right with his window rolled down (it was in the 80s today so he prob didnt have ac) and drops a can of beer half drank on the ground and it just spilled everywhere. He switched lanes and was up on a lady's rear in stop and go traffic. I wish to god she had slammed her breaks in a short stop.
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  4. jujubee

    jujubee ~what it is~ Premium

    Ok, I probably deserve that. :D But I think people do care here in the US at least some, or they wouldn't suppress the fact quotas exist, this one guy wouldn't have been retired early, in essence, reprimanded for breaking a sort of code of silence, yenno, but I wanted to hear from anyone.

    So you don't care if police have carte blanche to do whatever they want, as long as you survive?

    I don't know how Aussie police behave or how corruption possibly differs there so I don't have much comment on that but a world view, imo, should mean we're all at least interested a little in their behavior, what is legally within their purview.

    Anyway, the context of my post very much centered around the quote recorded from an American police chief and it seems you missed my point? But he isn't talking about rightfully pulling over abusers of the law. He's telling his department to do unethical things even to bust the good guys, average law-abiding citizens.

    Hi. Yeah, I can attest to that occasional element right here, though it's not often in my small town. Drunks are drunks everywhere. Not often you see this sort of poor vehicle here or obvious abusers like the one you cited but we have them. I still can't believe people drink and drive. Some idiots just never learn, that's for sure, they get busted and court costs, fines and jail times are steep, costly, they're huuge, lol, and in this economy people still get brought in on third offenses. We have stiff penalties so it amazes me but it happens, there's always a couple in the weekly paper, I guess.

    I have even thought on several occasions we needed more on the beat here with what was going on sometimes but you understand, I'm differentiating between the ordinary, rightful pullovers and what these 'news' clips I provided are saying.:)

    Thanks for your input. We do have certain areas here it seems this triple force still skips over, so I know what you mean.
    Last edited: Oct 10, 2013
  5. Lioness

    Lioness Banned - What an Asshat!

    I've never ever experienced this at all and I live in BFE. Money and budgets are always tight around here. There is a major highway that goes through and I'm sure that's where they meet their "quota". The only times I've ever been followed by a cop is when he is going down the same stretch of road I am to get to a different location because there is no other alternative.

    I'm not saying their aren't dirty cops or departments. I just know I've never had a problem with the law bothering me or anyone I know.
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  6. jujubee

    jujubee ~what it is~ Premium

    Well, that is nice to hear. I imagined a big part of our heightened security, actually is probably very much to do with our (partying related accidents which have gained a lit if attention).

    I'd like to think these events, judging from perpetual buzz in the paper, we're somehow alotted more guys on the force recently. We have had some serious tragedy ensue every year during these events and games, some sick stuff, actually.lol
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    Last edited: Oct 11, 2013
  7. skroo'd

    skroo'd I don't remember you either.

    Law enforcement is a business. If a department doesn't generate enough revenue and demonstrate budget needs with arrest or citation data, city officials are quick to cut their budgets. Being an effective visual deterent is easily dismissed when city councils want more money for questionably appropriate trips abroad, more elaborate balls and galas, and having city hall remodeled and updated with swanky new technology.

    That, and some cops are just dicks.
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  8. YUCK FOU!!!

    YUCK FOU!!! Critical Update Notification Tool.

    i'm just taterizing is all.
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  9. Jane Deere

    Jane Deere Mama Deere Staff

    Around here, the south Chicago suburbs, there are cops EVERYWHERE during the last week of the month because they have to reach their quota. lucky for me, my father in law worked on a few of the departments here before he retired, so if they see my last name and the connection is made, I'm lucky.

    I've only been pulled over once, knock on wood, and it's because I was flying. I only got a warning and the biggest scare of ever. I probably deserved that ticket though. yikes. :s I try to be more speed cautious now because I don't have the money to pay for Ticket should I get one. LOL
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  10. serato

    serato Banned - What an Asshat!

    A country with the highest rate of incarceration - for-profit-privatization of prisons becomes the flip-side of an ironic lie: land of the free. This is the problem. With private prisons pocketing $123 per head per day, and with several million inmates behind bars, there's billion$ of reasons to pull you over.
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  11. Dark Fader

    Dark Fader []D [] []V[] []D

    Fuck the recent trend in loving Bacon.
    I was diggin' on swine WAY before it was cool !!!

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  12. jujubee

    jujubee ~what it is~ Premium

    Sure, it's understandable the pressure comes upward even from beyond the chief but I guess I don't get exactly where the money comes from to begin with. I think of it like public education, it's a public service, you'd think it would be delivered with some modicum of, well, ethos.haha That alone is a naive thing to say though, considering how vulnerable all public services are to abuse of some kind. So just nevermind, whatever.:p

    Yeah, I have a couple of friends from Chicago, you guys need your cops.lol

    Haha, I know some areas--and not just city burbs--are like this, ours is one of them. You can't move without their being right with you in traffic. And that's ok, I know a few of the local cops, maaybe even the majority, are nice. But, seriously, a huge fraction are total dicks and everyone knows it. Some of them have gained quite a rep.

    But, see, it's a natural part of public service. You run into the same people over and over in your professional networks and you're absolutely tempted to cross (ethical) boundaries, if for no other reason than to avoid potential trouble with particular individuals later on.

    Anyway, I forgot your dad was the Fuzz, I'm sorry.;)

    @serato , I'd have replied but, well, 'land of the free' ignites a host of things too lengthy to address.lol
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    Last edited: Oct 12, 2013
  13. 53V3N

    53V3N The slow blade penetrates the shield. Premium

    I can smell your cunt.
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  14. jujubee

    jujubee ~what it is~ Premium

    Lmao, I doubt it, baby, but fuck you just the same.;)
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  15. Lioness

    Lioness Banned - What an Asshat!

    Every time I see this thread, I want some bacon.

    I shall have some, dammit!
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  16. glarbdevices

    glarbdevices Well-Known Member

    >_<I didn't read it or watch the clips....actually just skimmed your post before wanting to rant...sorry ): I suck.

    But in the case of more police I could see how things could get out of hand. Cops have to make ticket quotas so sometimes they just take what they can get even if you really are not doing anything wrong.
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  17. Quint

    Quint Banned - What an Asshat!

    This thread is about a cluster fuck of random ideas touched upon so briefly I can't even relate....unless you're fucked up on meth, or were when you posted this. I can relate to that. This is pretty much the way I have talked every time I have ever done meth.

    This must be why you've only posted your cleavage....because your face and teeth are too ate up to share, but I see a fucking trailer house with a broken down Trans-Am parked out front and your last name spelled incorrectly on a piece of limestone covered in mud and empty Coors cans.

    You're totally cool, though, so don't even trip.
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  18. glarbdevices

    glarbdevices Well-Known Member

  19. jujubee

    jujubee ~what it is~ Premium

    Wow, ^@Quint, that's the post of a guy who just said mine didn't make sense? Good god, go back n read it, I can't help your concentration.

    S'alright, I put it in Taters, so it doesn't matta.
  20. Quint

    Quint Banned - What an Asshat!

    I read it again (a couple of times) and it seems I was accusing you of being a scatterbrained, white trash, meth whore. I think that was exactly what I intended. However true this is, however, is not my concern.

    Again, Jujubee, just because you don't understand something doesn't mean the other person is stupid. It probably just means you forgot your ADHD meds for the day.

    @glarbdevices We are all asholes here. Make no mistake about it. Some people are just jealous of my efficiency. ;)
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