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I suck at DDR

My friend is incredible at DDR (Dance Dance Revolution) So therefore I decided to try it.

I don't think I've ever been more ashamed of my gaming skills. I'm a fatass, so therefore my hands work better than my legs. So when I tried DDR, I couldn't even get a 2 Combo. After the first round, on beginner, with a slow track, I failed brutally. I couldn't get 2 in a row. And then there's the fact that people watch you. So I just left the machine running, walked out of the mall, hurried to a run, and when I arrived, I was greeted by my mothers screams about how the arcade is actually a mass drug lab. I consoled myself by packing clothes in a bag.

I suck at life.


dolor ex fides
I don't think you should be sad that you're not good at that stupid fucking game. Everytime I walk past an arcade and I see people jumping up and down on little colored squares, I laugh my butt off. Of course, the phrase "you got served" meaning that the person saying so is a better dancer than the person it is said to, is the dumbest fucking thing on the planet. It reminds me of Westside Story, and that Michael Jackson video, and all the other pop culture, "lets-dance-instead-of-fighting" shit. Don't feel bad that you aren't good at something that is stupid.


Banned - What an Asshat!
I suck at dancing in general. But the game looks stupid so I don't see why I'd play it.


i give up!11 /wrists
Oh no!!! :cry: It's the end of the world.


Hooked on Rocks!
MagicHobo said:
I suck at life.
When you know it........................ Then you suck!


Powdered Toast Man
"All we do in Hell is play D.D.R!!!!!" Whoopie...that game, no matter how good you are...makes anyone look like a jackass.
PatticusRex said:
"All we do in Hell is play D.D.R!!!!!" Whoopie...that game, no matter how good you are...makes anyone look like a jackass.
HAHA- ArfenHouse rocks!


At least you tried it. I won't even get on the mat. My bf keeps trying to get me to try it, but I don't think I ever will. So good job just trying it.
Ugh. It's not even dancing. Since when is stepping on a bunch of flashing lights dancing? I admit it takes "skills" but who wants to have those skills? The only reason I can see to do it is to get a workout. Walking by an arcade and seeing people sweating on that game makes me laugh that someone would waste so much energy to step on the little arrows.
Meh, I'll just stick to Time Crisis. The game of a real man. Better yet, I'll waste $1, and use BOTH guns, while shooting at two screens, and hitting two pedals. Nothing screams testosterone like two guns.