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I think I have anger managment issues....

Yeah so this is emo-ish. Bite me.

I'm usually the mellow guy, almost to the point of emotionless-ness. But as of late, I've just been so fed up and frusterated with everything. yesterday i was yelling and cursing out my saxophone because i couldn't play my Etude. Today i was banging my fist on the table during an algebra II quiz. I'm throwing my homework across the room when i can't do one of the problems. Throwing my controller down when i die in metal gear solid. Almost smashing my guitar because i can't play the simplest of things. I dunno what the hell is wrong with me, because when i do these things out of anger, it' doesn't really feel like i'm being myself...


a.k.a. FuckTheBullShit
Dude, deep breath and don't worry. If memory serves me right you're in your teens. I know you're probably tired of hearing shit like "hormones" etc...

But between say 14 and 18 you're going through a lot of shit and your body is dumping TONS of testosterone into your blood stream. It makes you kind of short tempered.

So take a break and relax. Go for a run, lift some weights... hell, go spank your monkey... it'll help.

You're over reacting to frustrating situations. It's not like you're just blowing up at absolutely nothing. Just learn to chill out and beat off once in a while.
I found myself getting angry often, especially at work.

I usually just wait it out, cause at work there's nothing really that I can do.

Otherwise, I find mellow music helps me out.:happysad:
At least you're taking your anger out on inanimate objects and not people. Keep it that way. Getting angry is normal. Getting angry at people you care about sucks.
some people are biologically predisposed towards anger, take deep breaths, and imagine yourself somewhere calm and relaxing. read that on a pamphlet:thumbsup:

when you get angry, read your pamphlets.


If you feel yourself get angry, just take 10 minutes, do some pushups, beat your monkey, find something that will make you laugh good and hard. Basically, do something that will make you take some big breaths.