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I think I've gone blind!


Haha. Nice. Repped! (And my sister is actually quite thin. Just so ppl don't think that's really her. :p)


I'm just really nice.
I thought this was gonna be a thread about excessive masturabation...then bam! Massive ass in my face.
Is this a repping thread or something? Everyone is repping. Here you go Meh. Repped! :thumbsup:

edit: repped sounds like a strange word. say a bunch of times in a row. repped repped repped repped and it's easy to type too repped repped


Fack Aff!
that was just terrable. who posted that pic in B&T? it was something similar to this pic, but it was a lot bigger. people felt the need to keep quoting the freekin pic! i still never quite got over that, now my nightmares shall return. THANX MAG! guess i have to rep now. so who to rep?



My Dad and my uncles send eachother birthday and Christmas cards with pictures like that on them. I think they're having a contest to see who can find the fattest woman on a greeting card or something. You think that one's bad............


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I can look at that pic for about 30 seconds without being to grossed out...after that it finally hits me that I'm looking at an actual human being.

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whinytiredbitch said:
what does rep mean ?
rep is an amazing thing. the force is to the star wars universe as the rep is to the internet. an amazing force that consumes us all. some use the rep as a weapon and a tool of destruction, when people do this, they are n00bs, similiar to the sith and many powerful in the rep can feel a disturbance in it. a veteran to the rep knows the ways of the rep. a true veteran only uses the rep when neccesary and realizes that rep is not the only way to resolve a post. they undestand that logical responses help as well. when one is learning the ways of the rep you must not use your emotions when determining to use the rep. for that is the way of the n00b side of the rep. a true rep master gauges the value of a post before deciding to use the rep, if he even decides to use the rep.

those who overuse the rep become weak and their posts begin to deteorate in value and coherency. the vets are selfless, unlike the n00bs. the vet order has some rules that they seam to follow.

1. Never remain dependent on the rep, to do so is to lean towards the n00b side of the rep
2. Never use the rep as a weapon. Doing such is a last resort and even then is looked down upon, to do so is to call upon the n00b side of the rep.
3. Never let passion or emotion take over you when you use the rep, nor let them guide you towards using the rep. N00bs let their emotions guide them when using the rep and this is a bad move.
4. Sometimes the rep does not need to be used, use discretion. If a young rep user apologizes, shows remorse, or in any way the conflict has been resolved the rep does not need to be used.
5. Allways keep morality in tact when using the rep. Never use the rep to do what is considered evil.
6. Vets can exist on the internet because of the rep, but the rep order requires more, it requires loyalty. A vet must never form relationships that may risk the integrity of their rep usage. A vet must always remain loyal to the vet order.
7. Meditation is important in the order, whenever you use the rep in a bad way you must meditate and repent what you have done, to stay away from falling to the n00b side of the rep.
8. Never drink the fruit punch.
9. Never post about a bad experience with the rep. Although the vets are dependent on the rep, they must never feel pain or sorrow because of what has happened as a result of another's rep usage.
10. Never covet the power of mod, or the power of a more powerful vet. To do so leads to anger, jeously, these are things of the n00b and can lead to bad usage of the rep, and complete tainting of a would be vet.

Follow these rules of the vet and one will be on the right path when using the rep.