I think rebound sex is next


Ex-Gf'ds Rule
After reading this and almost knifing myself a few times, my buddy is setting himself up with this blonde friend for another heartache, rebound sex comming next what ya think? a little background the ex he was with for a year, she was comming down to live with him, it was a LD relationship and led him on, the blonde friend he has known for 5 years and they are best friends but they are getting too close i can see it. stay tuned...E-mail reads:

Thats ok man we all work and lead normal lives except for me i never lead a normal life, leading a normal life is boring you will die one day and look back and say why the fuck didn't i do that. Anyway i'm probably boring you to death or pushing you to suicide with my talking to you all the time but i don't have any objective friends down here to talk things with cause they all say the same thing "For god's sake just forget her she is a cold hearted bitch and you don't need that shit anyway you are too good for her and anyway man are you blind Katrina is just waiting for you to fall in her lap, she is practically begging you". While them saying that hurts my feelings, cause for some stupid reason i still care i just get over it and change the subject, they all hate her as you just noticed. They don't hate her for the reason you might think thou cause i did present both sides to them and they said both of you were wrong BUT they are mad because of the fact she knew deep inside probably months ago that this wasn't gona work and kept me hanging on and waited till the last min like four weeks before she was supposed to come here to break it off. That is the reason for them hating her and you know i can't blame them for thinking that cause it is BS what she did, as you said thank god you didn't spend that much cause man i was fixing to lay the money out bigtime on another car, condo, furniture, house whatever what would have got us started.
I ended up watching a movie at Katrina's again, didn't feel like driving home for the fourth straight day, i am today buying her a new damm couch my back can't take this thing too much longer, it is either new couch or new girlfriend, i think i'll take the couch for now but if i'm gona nap on it i'm damm well gona be comfortable lol. she had a few of her girlfriends over and as quickly as i could lean to the left and let out another fart, you guessed it," Yea AJ is going thru a break-up right now," after hearing that i was like get out of there but i wussed out and looked for the remote. I was clearing out my e-mails when i clicked on the last one i sent her the ok so we are done letter from me to her and read it one last time before i hit delete, and sure enough just my luck Kristi was behind me and read it and started crying, i turned around and looked up and before i knew it all of them all six were reading it and all of them teared up, i was like cool i just got six chicks crying i am the man lol. They said what was her reply to it and even pointed out that had to be the sweetest breakup letter they have ever read, and to thier horror i said nope no replys yet to that one.
Then it was on a G bash fest, i pulled Kat aside and said can you get them out of here i really don't want to hear this because i still have feelings for her and my instincts are to protect her still but my brain is finaly saying "i'ts over deal with it," so she did and we proceded to watch a movie and fall asleep. I woke up cold and looked around and had a nagging pain in my back and realized she was on the top part of the couch i was in the middle with her knee in my back and she had the blanket, i said "Jesus fucking christ can my life suck any worse than right now, please God tell me what i did to make you angry" he didn't answer. I guess i am saving money typing this to you cause i'm sure the telephone company would love the money i would give them calling you but hey you can put the knife down i'm almost finished.
I'm over her now just the emotions left now and they will fade, i would still like to hear from her thou, i don't know why, i know she hates me by the silence in her but a "Hi" "hello" "how are you" something would be nice but hey if it never comes so be it as well. It just sux that i can't even come on TS, even play the game because she is there,because i know that she has told everyone that has asked and polished herself to look good in all this and me out to be the badguy, i know she has because i know her better than everyone in the circle of friends we got and the reason i can't do those things is because well i am a smartass and the way i am right now she would not like it, you are probably scratching your head saying "why should you care it's over" and i will be scratching my head saying back to you "i have no idea." well its cold and there is a blonde over there all nice and warm under a blanket, lets see fine ass blonde or computer screen, let me see, what should i pick later man i'll call ya ;)