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I told my roommates mother she was bulemic and she called me a liar....

I just got home from this long trip I was on for several weeks. About five minutes before I left my apartment to leave for the trip, my roommate and her mother came into my room and let me know that she's going to be in London all summer and she wants to cancel the cable and internet. I say, very shortly, no, I'm going to be here, so figure out a way to make it cheaper for me so I dont have to foot the whole thing while you aren't here, because she waits til the day before she leaves to let me know this. Anyway, I had this sinking feeling somehow the whole trip, that I would be stuck with paying that bill because she is irresponsible and her mother is cheap.

I get home, find a letter from her mother. They've subleted her apartment to someone i've never met, and they didnt cancel the bill due to my roommate "not wanting the responsibility of paying it due to time constraints".......Well, fuck I dont want to have that responsibility either but life is life.

So I call and leave her mother a message saying, you didnt let me know when this girl is moving and also, I dont feel that I should have to be burdeneded with this large bill because your daughter "prefers" to not have a responsibility to it because she forgot about it before she left for her trip. And then I told her she could call me back ASAP because I needed to get these details cleared up.

She calls me screeching like a banchee saying I'm rude and I need to get off my high horse and how dare I talk to her like that, and yada yada yada, saying I have problems and how I never talked to her daughter and it was hurtful, and how I wasn't the easiest person to live with, and I said, if she had known what I had to put up with from her daughter for the last two years, she wouldnt be saying all these things to me (See the thread "my roommate is an idiot and I hate her).

Then I did it. She was attacking me personally so I told her mother she was bulemic. I couldn't keep it in any longer, and she went hysterical calling me a liar and all sorts of other things, saying i was disgusting for telling such slander about her daughter, and so I just said fine, ask her. And she said, "she hasn't done that since highschool", and I said, "so if you know she has a history of it, you know that there's a 90% chance I'm telling the truth, so just ask her". The conversation went on saying how itw asn't my business and I said, yes it was, I lived with it for two years not to mention the roommate admitted it to me. So anyway, don't know, am I a bad person for telling that about her? I mean her mother went hysterical and I'm sure my ex-roommate will hate me forever, but wasn't it necessary that I tell? Especially since she was attacking me like that, saying I have issues? I just want to be either put in my place or redeemed about this I guess, so that I know where I morally stand on that. I feel like even though the lady was a witch, she needed to know that. Eh, any comments? Sorry this was so long, thanks to those who actually read the whole thing. Ha.


I read it all! Mainly because my mom is almost as crazy as this woman.

Anyway, I think you shouldn't worry about it. Obviously this deranged woman isn't going to listen to anything you say, and reading this makes me think that your ex-roommate deserved it.

Either way, it's good that you yelled at her.
You got to yell at the bitch that tried to cancel your internet,
your ex-roommate will get professional help or punch in the head,
and you don't have to live in an apartment with bitchspawn
and a puked crusted toilet anymore.
Thanks, I suppose that feels a little better. I'm just not so confrontational by nature. I always try to give everybody value even if they happen to be a heinous bitch. And by the way, it wasn't a puke encrusted toilet, it was worse than that, she took laxatives. Can you imagine? Ick. Thanks though.


Telling someone about her bulmeia was a good thing, but the manner in which you chose to do so was just plain bad form. Your concern should have been aired long before this. Although your ex-roomate may suffer from random acts of bitchery, she is a human, and as such deserves respect and empathy.

<shakes his head>

Bah, what am I saying. The bitch had it coming. Your conscience should be clear. Live life. :thumbsup: Get to know your new roomie, and egg your old rommie's house. :thumbsup:


Hopefully not an idiot
I say you shoot both of them. Psycho bitches have no place in society, and if they haven't learned their lessons by now, they never will learn. At least you don't live with that ex-roommate of yours anymore...hopefully that means that the mom will be out of your life before long.


Trance Addict
I'm gonna have to go with BWM on this.

She had it coming...she rivaled you and you reacted. Now, it might not have been nice or right, but she egged you on. Just move on and try to focus on the positive outcome. :happysad:
I don't think you were wrong for telling her. Obviously her daughter was a difficult person to live with and you put up with it all that time just to have her shit on you in the end. Then her mom to comes into the picture and acts as if she knows what's going on? What a bunch of crap. I would have told that lady to eat a dick.


Lucy17 said:
Thanks, I suppose that feels a little better. I'm just not so confrontational by nature. I always try to give everybody value even if they happen to be a heinous bitch. And by the way, it wasn't a puke encrusted toilet, it was worse than that, she took laxatives. Can you imagine? Ick. Thanks though.
Laxatives. Nasty.
Now it's more like those unisex toilets they have in subways or by the beach.

If I lived with a bitch on laxatives that plastered turds all over the bathroom, I would lock her useless ass into the bathroom and feed her plastic fruits until she reached this desired state of beauty and perfection.