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Headlines I want a leader that screws up.


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I want a leader that screws up:
Governments make bad decisions and mistakes as or more often than average people do. Smart people accept that they made a mistake and learn from it. The phrase "I'm smart only because I made so many mistakes" has held true throughout the ages. But the USA has been on top of the heap for a long time now, and its primary concern is to stay there. When was the last time anyone from congress, the cabinet, the presidency, or the supreme court has admitted a mistake without blaming others for it? I want a leader who will admit to making mistakes in their life, own the responsibility, and work to never make the same mistake again. But we have to have enough courage to trust that a leader who makes small mistakes and owns them will have the sence to avoid the biggest mistakes.


Oppressing your posts...
actually seems the biggest problem in who we pick as our government is in our methods... people usually choose a leader based on one of two characteristics...

1. reputation. but only based on who has made the other candidate look worse. We don't care about what good anyone does anymore.. only how many scandles the other side can dig up..

2. partisan decision. There are still plenty of people who vote republican or democrat because they believe in the basic concepts of either party. They have no care about the actual candidate or that persons moral fiber, intelegence, or qualifications for the job. They blindly cast thier vote because they are of the same party..

there are the few between people who actually vote based on real politics. What is Senator joe shit the ragman or presidential candidate fuck face going to do to make things better.. but in the end even that fails because of the mud slinging.. it only winds up a decision of lesser of two evils...


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That was the smartest post I have seen in a while... Completely agreed, nice job.