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i want to take a nap

Ok, this is going to be pretty long winded, theres a lot of background to this story:

I'm leaving my house to go pick up my little brother at 7 PM from baseball practice and to get my JVC Arsenal Cd player cause my other one died and I couldn't find the damn Crutchfield store. At 7, i still can't find the damn Crutchfields. Finally I find it, after calling my parents and asking them where the hell it is, and discover that all of the lit-up letters on the front of the store are out, no wonder I couln't find it. On the phone, my mom hung up on me because she was pissed that I was late. After saying "You're an idiot, jesus christ." 3,000 times to me, I said "OK I KNOW" and she hung up the phone. Yes this sounds unrealistic, but I'm not lying to you.
I buy my stereo and walk out of Crutchfields, not knowing if she has left to go get my brother or if I still should. So I blast over to the baseball fields, get there at 7:20 and my brother is nowhere to be found, and its dark outside. I'm fucking flipping out right now. I honk the horn and go around the parking lot 4 or 5 times, then decide I'll call the house. I called 4 times, no answer. Called the cell phones, no answer. Now I've lost it.
I head home at 75 mph down a 45 mph road, as I'm trying to get home to make sure my brother is there along with my parents. I realize a light is on inside my car. I reach up to turn it off(its one of those ones where you twist the plastic outline of it) and it starts to burn my skin. At the same time, as my face contorts, the car starts going off the road. As I'm correcting it my fingers remain clamped onto the light because I'm swerving and well...I had to hold on to something.
I get home with 2nd degree burns on my fingers, pissed that noone answered the phone(which i later found out that they never heard the phone ring, guess my Virgin Mobile is just a p.o.s.), and really tired. We get a call from crutchfields. My mom's debit card was found over there, and now she has to get a new one. I took it as a back up, in case the bank was late in updating the paychecks I cashed 2 hours ago. But no, my card was fine. So now she has to get a new card, and is even more pissed at me because she doesn't have a debit card.

Note: the part about my burnt finger was in burps and bloopers, i didn't know about the debit card till after i posted, then i said "fuck it life sucks" and headed this way:rolleyes:


Agitated Pancake
This forum was made for people like you and you are using it well. That was really random with the light, burns and such.
That sucks. Be right back, I'm gonna go eat some ice cream.