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Headlines IBM: Outsourcing. IBM: SUXX BALLZ!!!


Original Dicksman
As IBM cuts in U.S., it hires in India
Report: Big Blue plans to bring on 14,000 Indian workers as it proceeds with U.S., European layoffs.
June 24, 2005: 7:35 AM EDT
NEW YORK (CNN/Money) - IBM is planning to hire more than 14,000 new workers in India this year, even as the company proceeds with layoffs of up to 13,000 workers in Europe and the United States, the New York Times reported Friday, citing an internal company document.

IBM (Research) Senior Vice President Robert Moffat, in an interview with the newspaper, said the move is not entirely about cost saving.

"People who say this is simply labor arbitrage don't get it. It's mostly about skills," Moffat was quoted as saying.

The buildup in IBM's labor force in India, Moffat told the Times, was attributable to surging demand for technology services in a thriving Indian economy and the opportunity to tap the many skilled Indian software engineers to work on projects around the world.

Lower trade barriers and cheaper telecommunications and computing ability help allow a distant labor force to work on technology projects, he said in the report.
The rest of the spiel about these assholes.

Thanks, pigfuckers! I was hoping my job market could get just a little bit tougher.


Oppressing your posts...
thats what happens when you get a country that will work for 20 bux a week..


Hella Constipated
Emerald Frost said:
Great more shitty low grade Indian goods.
Hey hey hey...Nothing's as bad as Chinese. I have two Chinese made goods that are over five years old and still work. A Sony CD Player, August 1998, and my Sega Dreamcast, November 1999. May I also add the disc window broke off the Sony...And that those are the manufacture dates affixed to the units themselves. And yeah, I actually do check and see where stuff is made when I buy it :D.

And right now I'm sick of buying Chinese goods that break and having Indian tech support fix it. I mean, what the Christ?! It's a lose lose situation.