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If only I had a gun at the right moment


EnJ Brandy Straight
:gun: I dont know something about guns intrest me especailly when i get mad so many people piss me off i dont know how to take it! Especially nosey people! I live in Albany,ny where everyone is always listening so they can repeat a message that they never heard correctly to someone who has to twist things around! I hate this school some one is always reading what you write! like right now this girl sitting right next to me is reading this while i type it but i dont care! BITCH mind your business!!!! Yea you im talking to you fuck off! :mfinger: oops she left! lol guess she really was reading lol :gun:



yeah wen i was at school i had this book fulll of names of people i was gonna kill :D an pics of crazy stuff an guns an all kinds of cookey shit But some wankers went through my bag an found it then i had to speak to the school counseler they rang home an everythin :rolleyes: haha dont worry its just a faze haha...or is it :D ...


Gah school, worst time of my life but the best days i ever had, i wanna go back and doss around doing fuck all,

As for those fuckwads that pissed me off, all i want to do now is beat the shit out of them with a spade in full view of the place, teach those morons who means business


The Cow Says...Meow
I really hate it when rumors spread, especially about me. I can do something really stupid like four years ago and it finally surfaces and people think I did it just recently. I usually know who spreads them too, they usually use them to get some kind of petty revenge on me. I wouldn't want to shoot them though, noone deserves to die no matter what their crimes/IQ.


Melodramatic Fool
I'm at school right now, and it's not all bad.
Sure HS is stupid, superficial, backstabbing bullshit but if you can avoid the receving end :p , neway, don't kill people... unless they deserve it, or you want to, or the day of the week ends in y....


Whiskey Tango Foxtrot
I dont kill people. I find them and beat the shit out of them. It has worked many times. Now people say nothing bad about me, cause if they do, I'll eventually hear about it. Oh, and dont make a list, just keep a mental log of who pissed you off in highscool, or give them the look of or the other...uh oh, here comes my teacher, and now she is looking at what Im typing.....he is now laughing his ass off....and he is a cool guy. He is very open minded, and he lets a lot of shit wathcing me just type shit, twice. Anywayz he is telling me to not post here in school, just in case Mrs. Spears walks in. She is my high schools principal. I am a senior, and I have a few months left until absolute freedom. YAY!!!!


Sexual Deviant
Killings overrated, save it for extreme cases of pure hate.Maiming, that's the way to go, that way the stupid mofo has to live for the rest of their pathetic life with the daily reminder of how big a tool they really are.


Destroyer of worlds
Sometimes I feel like the only thing that keeps this city populated is the fact that I don't carry a weapon with me and am too lazy to kill ever living soul I see with my bare hands. Damn arthritis. Just wait though, one of these days Ima put on some shoes I don't mind getting blood on and some clothes I don't mind messin up a bit and then it'll be on son. Now that's gonna be theraputic, let me tell you.