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If only I told her...


I am sexy...Oh yea...
Okay....Not many of my friends know who I really had feelings for. I always played it off or pretended I liked someone else....Well, I really liked one of my friends during my seventh grade year.

I actually loved her so much, I never told her because I was afraid of losing her through rejection. Did I have a choice? Risk losing someone I had feelings so strong for? Maybe I should have told her....

Well, I was friends with this one girl who happened to be in my language and math class during my 7th grade year at Golden West Middle School. She was really beautiful to me. She was one of those people that just had to be your friend. Well, I remember always hanging out with her in class and at lunch. We'd mess around and cause trouble. One thing that I found out that made me really like her was that she was really smart.

Well, I always wanted to tell her how I felt, but never did....Then I moved to Japan. Japan was great, I met all my greatest friends there...But I felt a bit lonely inside...That's when I'd look into my old yearbook and look at her picture...That yearbook sat on my dresser with a bookmark on her picture for 3 years..

After Japan, I was really excited that my family was moving back to Travis...I couldn't wait to see all my friends there: William, Charles, Kimberly, Cameron and the rest of my 6th grade class...But I was really lookin forward to seeing her again...

First day of school rolled around...I got ready to meet my old friends again. Lunch time rolled around...I saw was she hot! I built up my balls and walked towards her..

"Hey remember me? It's Daniel!" I said...
".....No..." She replied....and walked away...

Man, I felt like an ass...Like someone just kicked my nuts...

Well, after that ball kick, I recieved some more later on after learning and hearing what happened during my stay in Japan...I heard stuff like:

"Yea dude, she started hangin out with a new crowd around 8th grade...The wrong crowd..."

"Whoa her?...Hope she has a rich daddy cuz she won't be graduating.."

"Ugh...Don't talk about that bitch, she's a slut who sleeps with assholes..."

"Ummm....after YOU left, she made friends with the wrong people, and kinda ruined her life...Got a bitchy attitude, just keep whatever was in the past, in the past.."

So, after those ball kicks, I decided to tell one of my newer friends...He really understood what I was saying and stuff, thanks man.....

This girl that I once new, turned into a "slutty, drug using bitch"...One of the friends that I talked to about this, said that maybe she wouldn't have turned this way, if I had told her how I felt...After I left, they said she fell with the wrong crowd because her friends sort of broke apart.

Maybe I should have told her....
Don't blame yourself dude, there's really nothing you could've done about it. You can't predict the future :) Have you talked to her again and explained who you are?


Soul Doubt
Ehh - don't beat yourself up too much...
People are who people are, there's really no changing that (unless you're really dedicated and shit...)

This reminded me of some NOFX songs - Check out the song "Lori Meyers" and the song "You're Bleeding"

The lyrics are so very related to your story... Hopefully they make you feel better to know that the same thing happens to people all over the place, not just you...


it's a motherfucker
There was this girl whom I was in primary school (Junior School i think if you're American) with. I quite liked her and everyone was taking the mickey out of me, and I was alway denying it as you do at that age. I bought her a Dolphin ring when I went on holiday to Knysna (South Africa), but I just didn't have the guts to give it to her.
Unfortunately in our final year of Primary School, she died in a car accident. That is one of the regrets I have, not telling her. But I was young and that even was unexpected.:happysad:


If we go through life going "what if?" we will never progress. Learn from the experience and move on. Though I would talk to her and tell her about stuff maybe you can rekindle.


I am sexy...Oh yea...
Well, after that little incident, I decided to just try and forget about her. I went through the rest of the year workin my ass off in school and shit. Then I freakin moved again, my dad's in the Air Force. I moved to another state and haven't been back since. Now I'm in college, and after seeing almost everyone hook-up, I can't stop thinking about her. God, I'm pathetic...There's practically no way for me to contact her. Maybe I'll go back this summer, or maybe I should just forget about it, if I can...


Man. Nature. Technology.
Ahhh, fuggedaboutit...

Everyone's done that at one time or another. Get over it and move on. There was this girl I was hot for in High school. She was a redhead; MAN, ever since her, I had a thing for redheads. Well, I never told her about how I felt about her. I never saw her again until the 20th reunion in '94. She was still hot then, too. She actually came up to me and told me she thought I was the smartest kid in the class. Shocked, I said, "Who, me?"
I went to the 30th reunion at Thanksgiving '04, hoping to see her again and maybe ask her to dance. She never showed up. But I heard from someone at the 20th that she had already had three kids from three different guys.
You're still a young little snot. You'll find someone else.:thumbsup: :D