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If this is the life let the dead live it...


Dain Bramaged
I try my hand at poetry from time to time and I wrote one awhile ago that I think would fit here. And well, if it don't, hte move it or delete it, I just wanted some honest feedback then what the general vanity press dishes out...

If this is the life let the dead live it

They say that sometimes a cry for help is all that's needed
But what if you can't cry?
What if all the tears you shed fall in vain,
And your sobs go unheard?
Living in a world of apathy.
Where hypocrisy is breakfast, resignation lunch, and for dinner;
Hate with a side order of envy.
It isn't that the world is bad...
It's just the people that populate it.
Societies built with greed, nurtured on arrogance, and besieged
By corruption, make this a wonderful place to live...

If this is the life let the dead live it...