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... if you're good at understanding women please help

so I was talking to my girl and stuff.. while tryin to make conversation I found out she was writing .. so naturally, wanting to show interest, I was like ‘may I ask what’ .. she said yea and sent this to me
(for a little backround, she's got a really good guy friend that I'm friends with as well)

-guy friend's name-
EDIT: poem erased

specifically "Cause you're all I want, you're all I need
You're everything, everything" (about her guy friend)

first off .. why the fuck would she send me this .. I just don't even know what to make of it .. I want to just be like fuck this and leave the whole situation ... but she's about to leave on vacation to rome and I know that would ruin her time .. I care about her enough not to do that to her .. I'm really not the jealous type usually .. and she's always talking about how cool it is that I don't get jealous of them being friends but I can't even think straight about it right now.

I truly don't think he wants anything more between them nor do I think anything will actually happen (especially considering he's moving to another state in 8 days,) however, what worries me about this is if she's more into him than she's into me.. that just puts thoughts into my head like if she's thinkin about him while she and I are doing stuff .... damn this shit

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that really sucks man, especially since youve been so cool and non-chalant about their relationship. I dont know any advice I could give you that could be applicable. I know that if it were me, I proabbly would have flipped the fuck out and ruined everything then. You've got to have incredible patience to have called her on the phone asking her what the fuck that was all about.

I hope everything is ok with you guys.
meh .. I got it all straightened out ... thanks .. there needs to be a way to send one's own posts to the wastelands..
well she said a lot of it was symbolic and stuff and asked if I wanted to see the rest of what she wrote (I didn't post all that she wrote before) but she said
I am starting to think I have something to hold onto, I'm beginning to think I'm not alone, and that I won't have to be. Theres a certain person that has made me feel so amazing the last 3 months; I don't know how I could get through this without him.
and then I pretty much copied and pasted everything I put into that post above in the second person to her and she made sense of it all somehow. :thumbsup:


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Women like to think you know what their thinking so they don't explain themselves for shit that happens then more things go wrong and you end up getting blamed for it..

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not sure wut to say but i know one thing every woman is a WHORE but my mom and yours ...good luk bro :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Hey muff,thing have changed round here .Your losing your rep and keep away from the women thing man,lol :mfinger:


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Truthfully and honestly....and honestly and truthfully, NO ONE will EVER understand girls in general. Sure, soime girls are understandable...but we're talking girls in general. Not cool. Not funny.