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I'm baaack


Being naked just feels so a-peeling
from almost over a week of no writing in this forum, sorry guys Ive been out sailing with some friends and then me and my bf have been..busy.. ;)
but anyways I just wanted to tell you that so you wouldn't think that I'm those write a bit then disappear kind of poster ;)


Being naked just feels so a-peeling
zoloftcasserole said:
Welcome back, Stardust! How have you been?

greeat actually, it really felt like I had a life ;) haha :hug2:

LiberatioN said:
Yay! The forum "girl next door" is back.
I'm what? I mean.. what way?

otepsoul said:
exactly :hug2:

Woodreaux said:
Mieluinen taaksepäin, I-KIRJAIN harhaisku te.
Ai niinku mitä sä meinaat?

I Hate The FCC said:
I love your avatar Stardust.
haha thanx It's actually 2of my friends ;)

HavokChylde said:
Show us your boobs!

I had to say it. Sorry.
haha, it's ok.. you say that to every thing with boobs ;) j/k