Im leaving for school

10 stars

Enraged before the storm
after originally leaving (because my comp got fucked.)
im going to military school in march, then im going to college in january.
after getting my ass kicked in my boxing matches that have passed, i stopped boxing too, im getting fat.
ive been sitting aorund playing games everywheres, because im going to college for video game design.
Hopefully if noone minds ill be able to make some flash games for everyone to play.
But that will be in the future. Til march ill be on here, fucking off, damnit i dont wanna go.
But the thing is, its my choice on the military school thing.
I wanted to know has anyone went to any military school before, and what do i need to expect.


Lost Soul
Expect to get off your ass. Military school is no joke, you will be worked as if you were training for war behind enemy lines. As a matter of fact, all you will ever do is work, study, eat, and sleep. Also, I hope you are a very neat person, because they are very strict about appearances. However, on the brighter side of things, when this is over you won’t lose too many more of those boxing matches.

Get some sleep Sally. The road to hell will be a long one.