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I'm That Guy


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Alright this is just something I posted on my blog at myspace, and I really liked it. Well, here goes...

I'm That Guy

The guy who can't stand
When a girl weeps.
Or gets tossed to the curb
By one of those creeps.
The one who hugs you
When you cry
I'll tell you this much
I am that guy.

I'll be real nice,
I'll be real sweet,
Hopefully the one
To sweep you off your feet.
I'll sit on the sidelines,
Watching them play.
Knowing full well
You'll hate them someday.

By today's standards,
I need abs and a tan;
To become anything
You'll want in a man.
That's why I hope
You like me for me.
Perhaps you'll find out
Whatever you want, I'll be.

Even if I screw up,
You'll see that I try.
Looking back you'll realize
Hey, he was that guy.
It scares me to think
I'll be like this forever.
When will it end?
This lifelong endeavor.

I want to be yours,
This much is true.
The only I care about
Is none other than you.
I want to hold you close,
Make you feel secure.
I promise you this much,
My intentions are pure.

I'll feel blame
For something you did.
I'll show forgiveness
For something you hid.
I'm often ridiculed
For being stupid or a freak.
You may not know it
It is I you seek.

I ask you this,
Just give me a glance.
That's all I need,
That one little chance.
My appearance may be daunting,
I may look shy.
Deep down I'm much more
I am that guy.

dying light

Bravo! I agree with CJKelly... about yours and mine (poems, respectively). You are sure to be worshipped, and rightly so.... by the one's foolishly sliding in and out of your gaze.