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Imature Pest!

Wow... what more can say imature pest! just them little kids who have nothing better to do but make themselves look stupid and act dumb all time. cant they take one damn minute serious outta the whole damned day? If you know anyone who you feel lik u wanna kill cuse they act so damn dumb and imature post!
yeah but age does not always cure that there is this dumb fucking bitch that hangs out here in the student center that will not shut the fuck up. seriously 25 and she still cats like a fucking child. I want to put her head in a vise and say shut the fuck up you ignorant fuckng bitch you are a joke around here. God I wish she would fucking DIe


Banned - What an Asshat!

first of all it dose matter their age if you dont no what I mean I mean just because they are 25 by law dosn't mean the are 25 in their own eyes like this mom that lives beside me shes like 40 and she dresses like shes 16 thats fucked up and she acts like she is 16 so ya I dont no if that made any sence but lets just say I no what you mean


Jean Jacket Tough Guy
hahah with chicks that can be a pain in the ass and annoying, it can with guys to...however one of my best buddies is 34 and i swear to god he acts like hes 15 hes hilarious. but he can serious...i think...maybe....well see....yea